Dinosaur Cowl Making


In this article I will share with you a model of a pigtail hat that makes a child happy who loves dinosaurs.

I knitted it with joy and excitement, and the appreciation I received when I presented it made me very happy. I hope you will like to weave your favorite little ones and get the same beautiful answer.

Let’s start knitting now!

  • Ingredient
  • Snow ball Elite Yesil (green K1413) – color hand stitches
  • Loren Yesil Baby Green (R088) – color hand mesh rope
  • Green EBR Yesili rope for cheerleading
  • 2 mm crochet
  • 4-5 mm skewers
Açıklama: https://beautyinformations.club/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/di-1.jpg

Its Production
First, we need to start with different numbers, depending on the age and size of the head of the child you are knitting. I give you the numbers that would be suitable for a child between 5 and 7. However, after you have started, you can make changes depending on the child, by knitting a one-to-one.

  1. Let’s start with the knitting of the dark green yesilimizle 56 loops and the rubber part of the hat according to your preference 8-10 rows. We weave 2 reverse, 2 flat tire pairs for the tire.
  2. And then we will continue with 56 loop with a flat fabric, depending on how long you want it.
Açıklama: https://beautyinformations.club/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/di-2.jpg

3.when we get to the point where the tail part starts, so cover the back of the head slightly enough to cover the same number, then 3-4 in a row, or according to the number you start and how long you want the tail, we start with a calculation to reduce. We cut a loop from each side and finish it so that the last 1 loop that comes down this way is knotted.

We sew our hat in half.

  1. We make semi-circles with our bright green rope, a standard needle technique from yesilumid. I made a semicircle that shrunk by 7 pieces depending on the length of the tail. I will measure the biggest: we start with the magic ring and make 6 frequent needles. 2.next, we make 2 frequent needles into each frequent needle and get 12 frequent needles. 3. we get 18, by making 1 single, 1 double frequent needle into the loop. 4. we get 24 needles with 2 single needles, 1 twin needle in a row. 5 and 6. we will continue with 24 frequent needles by making 1 frequent needle on each loop in the rows, and then 2 common needles in the last row and with 1 reduction in the number of 18 frequent needles to finish.
Açıklama: https://beautyinformations.club/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/di-3.jpg

If you want, you can first get a ribbon by combining semicircles from the end points and folding the hat to the back part by finding the right center of the next side of the strip, or you can fold the hat to the back part.

Finally, bee

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