It’s true. Roseanne’s return to show business has blown up after her stellar standup performance elated audiences and critics alike. It was so good that Fox Entertainment immediately signed her to a massive deal to do a show in the style of “The View.”

“They even gave me the same time slot so I can smack the libtards at the same time Whoopi is talkin’ about saving the commies,” Roseanne said, “My stupid kids love her. But incest runs deep in our bloodline so they’re probably just a little bit special if you know what I mean.”

Her sense of humor just never ends. That’s how we know, without even having to look, that this story is true. Roseanne definitely deserves to be praised and rewarded for making her audiences so terribly uncomfortable. She deserves that level of respect.

“Her stuff is cutting edge,” said Fox CEO Joe Barron, “The way she used the first four minutes of her show to whine and complain as if she didn’t wreck her own career with racism and Q-anon. It was awesome to watch. She just took command.”

Great job, Roseanne. You deserve the very best. God Bless America.

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