A busy couple with Belgian passports decided to ditch their baby at a Tel Aviv, Israel airport because they did not want to buy their little baby boy a ticket for the plane ride.

According to authorities that reported the incident to the Jerusalem Post, the two parents abandoned their baby at the airport check-in while they tried to board their flight on Ryanair, all because they did not want to fork out the extra dough to purchase the child a ticket on the discount airline.

The Belgian couple attempted to board the Ryanair flight from Tel Aviv to Brussels, but they did not have a ticket for their baby.

Instead of trying to purchase a seat for their child, they tried to abandon the little one at the airport and board the plane without the child. They simply left their baby in a stroller as the parents walked through passport control and attempted to board the flight out of the chaotic Middle East.

Fortunately, the airport staff noticed what had happened.

These good Samaritans immediately contacted the airport police. The Tel Aviv authorities found the parents on the Ryanair flight and brought them in for questioning.

The manager of the Ryanair flight who was working at the customer service desk spoke to the Jerusalem Post about the tragic incident and how the parents had just left their child behind like it was no big deal.

“We’ve never seen anything like this,” the Ryanair manager said. “We couldn’t believe what we were seeing.”

Following the investigation into the incident, the Israel Airports Authority reported that the couple arrived at Terminal 1 for their flight after the check-in counter had already closed.

Because the couple did not want to miss their flight out of Israel, they left their baby on the conveyer belt at the check-in area and simply went to deal with the security line.

The Belgian couple was later charged with the abandonment of their child and are currently awaiting sentencing. The baby, who was fortunately unharmed in the incident, is now being taken care of by social services in Israel.

It goes to show that even parents who seem seemingly good-intentioned can make a grave mistake due to their own negligence.

In this case, the couple should have provided for their child’s safety and well-being at all costs.

Abandoning a young child in an airport is not only immoral but also illegal, and the Belgian couple will soon face the consequences of their actions.

The story serves as a reminder to all parents that no matter what, your children should always come first.

While it may be difficult to provide for an extra person when traveling abroad, leaving a child behind is never a solution. It’s essential that parents take responsibility and prioritize their children’s safety before anything else.

What do you think about how this European couple left their baby behind at the Israeli airport?

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