Lucy was a young widow in the middle of reviving her travel career when she spotted a mysterious man living in a one-bedroom shack on the coast. Her life transformed when she decided to follow the mysterious man.

Lucy was a 32-year-old widow and travel writer. She traveled the world for over 10 years with her late husband, a photographer. Since he had died three years prior, Lucy took a long break from touring. She recently decided to pursue her passion again and began with a small, gorgeous Canadian town.

She chose a small town with a few residents and even fewer tourists. She enjoyed these small towns because she could get to know the community well without the chaos caused by tourists. Two days into her trip in the small town, she was drinking her morning tea at a local cafe.

She noticed a small house close to the shore. It looked like it was only one bedroom, which was strange considering that most homes on the coast were bigger and were built a long time ago. She called for a waitress and asked, “Do you know who built that tiny house?”

“A man moved in here about three months ago and built it. I’ve seen him a few times, but all I know about him is that he’s from Italy and doesn’t speak much English,” the waitress said.

As they were discussing the strange man, they saw him walk out of his house, drinking a cup of coffee. He simply sat there and stared at the ocean for a long time before he walked back into his home. “I also heard that he leaves his house every night and only comes back early in the morning,” the waitress added.

“Do you know where he goes?” Lucy asked.

“No idea. People just can’t figure him out because he doesn’t interact with them much.” She shrugged then walked away.

Lucy was interested to know more about the mysterious man, so she decided to follow him later that night. She intended to keep her distance so as not to frighten him. But the man saw her before they got far. “Why are you following me?” he asked as soon as he saw her.

Lucy tried to explain herself in English but remembered the waitress saying he was from Italy. “Do you speak Italian? I am fluent so that we can chat,” she said. The man agreed and invited her to walk with him.

During the conversation, Lucy found out his name was Andreas, and he was on a noble mission.

“30 years ago, my parents were on a honeymoon cruise, and they shipwrecked on the Canadian shore. Before my father drowned, he gave my mother a gold necklace. Women in our family pass it down through the generations.” Andreas said. “But sadly, the necklace fell from her neck while she was on the shore, and she never saw it again.”

His story touched Lucy. “But do you think you’ll find it? It’s been so long since she lost it,” she asked.

“I don’t know. But I promised that I will,” he said.

“But why do you go out at night?” Lucy asked.

“The tide is low at night so that I can go further into the sea, I use a metal detector to help me look, and hopefully, I will find it one day,” Andreas explained.

Lucy offered to help him. She explained that she was in no hurry to return home and would gladly spend the next couple of days helping him look. But a couple of days turned into four months of Lucy and Andreas working together to find the necklace. They grew incredibly close over that time.

One night, Lucy and Andreas found a gold necklace and rushed back to Andreas’ house to confirm with the photo his mom gave him. The chain looked precisely like the one in the picture, and they were overjoyed. “I can’t wait to show this to my mother,” Andreas cried.

A few days later, Andreas and Lucy traveled to visit Andreas’ mother in Italy. Dina cried when she saw the necklace, “I never thought I would see this again,” she said. She pointed to an engraved date on the necklace. “See, this is our wedding anniversary. Your father was so romantic.”

Lucy and Andreas spent hours listening to Dina reminisce on her relationship with her late husband. And while Lucy was making the tea in the kitchen, Andreas confessed his love for her to his mom. Dina laughed. “I knew it the moment I saw you together. I’m so happy for both of you,” she said.

Andreas proposed to Lucy six months into their relationship. She had decided to spend a couple of months in Italy before traveling again, but she felt uncertain about starting a relationship while reviving her career. Andreas promised to support her and even travel with her if she wanted it. Lucy said yes, and they announced their engagement to Dina.

“Then it means this necklace belongs to you now,” Dina said as she handed the necklace to Lucy. “I promised my husband I would pass it on to the women in the coming generations in our family.”

Lucy was honored by the gift and promised to take care of the necklace for as long as it was in her care.

Shortly after the wedding, the couple traveled together to Lucy’s country of choice. They were perfect travel companions and wrote several travel books together. Lucy was soon pregnant with their first child, and they were excited to be a little traveling family.

What can we learn from this story?

Love shows up in unexpected places. Andreas and Lucy never imagined falling in love when they met and started searching for the necklace together.
Family loyalty can span generations. Andreas remained loyal to his mother and searched for months to find her necklace.
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