Amelia’s friend, Susan, offered her a house in the country to enjoy a weekend getaway. Amelia went there and settled in. She was reading a book when a strange man walked in and recognized her. She was shocked until he showed her a set of pictures that revealed a truth she didn’t know.

“I’m here already. Finally!” Amelia told Susan on the phone when she arrived at her friend’s country house in Virginia. Susan had offered her this house as a nice treat for her stressed friend, and after some reluctance, Amelia relented. But Susan had a family emergency and couldn’t accompany her, so she went on her own.

After getting lost for a while, she finally arrived at the house and had to fight her way through an old keyhole. But she eventually got the front door open and settled inside.

Susan said no one had stayed there in a while so it might be dirty, but Amelia was glad to see there was barely any dust around. She breathed the fresh country air, saw the gardens and even a few deer jumping around the forested area. It was perfect for relaxing.

She found the guest room Susan had told her about, settled in, unpacked the food she brought, and made herself some sandwiches for lunch. After that, she took a nap, and when the sun started settling, she laid down on the couch and started reading a book with a cup of tea by her side.

After a few pages, Amelia heard something strange, and suddenly, the front door flew open. It was a man, so she yelled. “Ah!! Who are you?” Susan didn’t tell her someone else was coming to the house that weekend, so it had to be a burglar.

Wait a second, she thought after realizing that the man was holding a set of keys. Then he spoke up. “Who am I? Who are YOU and what are you doing at Grandma’s house?” he asked and frowned at her.

“Grandma’s house? This is my friend Susan’s house. She offered it to me for the weekend. She didn’t tell me anyone else was staying here,” Amelia explained.

“Susan? Susan Styles? You’re in the wrong house. Hers is around a mile away from here,” the man said, and Amelia’s mouth dropped open.

Oh my god. This is so embarrassing, she thought to herself before she started picking up her things. “I’m so sorry. I must have entered the wrong house, but the keys worked perfectly. Well, maybe not perfectly. But still. Since the door opened, I thought I was in the right place,” Amelia said, ashamed of her herself.

“Yeah. I’m here to get it fixed. Grandma Monica is at my parent’s house right now and has been complaining about it for a while, so that’s why I came here. I didn’t think it was such a huge security risk, but since you got in, well…,” the man said, staring intently at her face. “But you don’t have to pick up in a rush. Take your time.”

“No, I have to go right now. I’m so sorry again,” Amelia continued, wanting to escape to the guest room, get her things, and run off.

“Wait a minute. What’s your name?” the man demanded. “I’m Michael.”

“I’m Amelia,” she answered and stopped rushing when she saw the man frowning.

“You mean they found you? Why am I the last to find out?” Michael continued, confusing Amelia even more. “Then, you’re probably meant to be here.”

“Found me? What are you talking about? I told you. My friend Susan offered me a place to stay for the weekend, but if this is not her house, I have to leave,” she continued, not understanding one word out of Michael’s mouth.

“What? But you look just like Grandma and Aunt Natalie. I admit I was a kid when you disappeared and she died. But you look exactly like her. Sorry, I didn’t realize sooner. I was shocked because no one told me about you,” Michael added.

“Aunt Natalie? I look like your grandmother? What? This is all too confusing. Look, Michael. This is none of your business, but I’m an orphan. I have no family. I’ll leave soon,” she stated and rushed to the guest room, but he followed.

“Orphan?” Michael asked looking directly at her face and making a decision. “Come with me for a second.”

Amelia didn’t want to follow, but he was insistent, and she was curious about his earlier words. He led her to the master bedroom. “This is Grandma’s room. She has pictures of Aunt Natalie and you when you were a kid,” he explained, pointing at the photos on top of an antique dresser.

She thought he was crazy but she looked closely at the pictures. There was one of a woman who looked exactly like her, and a kid was next to her. “That girl looks just like me, and the woman too. What’s happening?”

“You don’t know?”

“NO! I TOLD YOU! I grew up in an orphanage, and I have no memories of ever having a family. They just found me one day,” Amelia said, frustrated that Michael couldn’t get it. She had no idea what he was talking about.

“Jesus…” he breathed, realizing that he was about to reveal something shocking. “Years ago, Aunt Natalie ran away from her husband and got into a car accident. You were supposed to be in the backseat, but no one ever found you. Grandma and my mother looked everywhere for you, but it was like you disappeared without a trace.”

“I… so you mean that you guys might be my family? I came to your grandmother’s house by accident, but I found my family instead? That’s too magical, too coincidental… impossible,” Amelia voiced, starting to get emotional as she continued to stare at the photos.

“Maybe it’s fate. And I’m sorry I confused you at first. When I finally recognized your face, I realized you had to be the missing Amelia. But then you had no idea what I was talking about,” Michael apologized.

“This is unbelievable,” Amelia continued. “But we might be wrong. I might just look like her.”

“We can get tested, and I think Grandma would love to meet you.”

Michael went to his house and picked up Grandma Monica and his mother to see Amelia. He explained everything, including their confusion when they first saw each other.

The older woman saw Amelia and knew immediately that she was his missing granddaughter. She hugged her tightly and promised never to let go again. Amelia was shocked and still for a few seconds before she calmed down and hugged the woman back.

Then Michael’s mother approached and was the voice of reason. “I’m Anna, your mom’s sister, so I’m your aunt. Can you tell us what you remember of your life?”

Amelia recounted what she knew, and the older women were shocked that police were never able to find her if she appeared at an orphanage. “I hate the authorities. They never do their jobs right!” Aunt Anna complained.

But Grandma Monica was the voice of reason. “To be fair, the accident happened on the interstate. Natalie was running away from Kentucky to Virginia to stay with us,” the older woman explained.

“Well, I was sent to an orphanage in Kentucky. Maybe they only looked for me in Virginia,” Amelia added.

“That may be the reason. Or maybe they just didn’t care or have the resources to find you. But all that matters now is that you are here. You were delivered to us by God or fate or whatever. And I want a chance to know you. We want to be your family at last. Would that be alright?” Grandma Monica asked with a smile at Amelia, who could only nod, or she might burst into tears.

The trip Susan suggested was the best thing that ever happened to her.

What can we learn from this story?

Take that trip, that new job, or that risk because you never know what could happen. Some opportunities bring the least-expected gifts.
One mistake can change your life. Amelia entered the wrong house, but it turned out to be the best error she had ever committed.
Share this story with your friends. It might brighten their day and inspire them.

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