Amanda was a single mom and hired a nanny to take care of her little angel while she was at work. Her worries were compounded when seven nannies left Miley. She decided to investigate and installed a camera in Miley’s room and was shocked.

Amanda had just returned to her office after a long meeting when her phone pinged with a message. She read it right away as it was from Miley’s new nanny, Rose.

“Hello Mrs. Ferguson! I’m sorry to bother you during the workday but I don’t think I can take it all… Miley just won’t listen to what I’m saying and I can’t do it anymore. Please come She’ll be back soon. I’ll stay with her until then. Thanks.”

Amanda sighed in frustration and buried her face in her palms. “Not again! I’m so sick of this!”

Amanda was a single mother raising her daughter alone, so she had to hire a nanny for her daughter during work hours. She didn’t understand why all the nannies kept leaving Miley…

Miley was a quiet kid and didn’t bother anyone. Was something very wrong that she wasn’t aware of?

Concerned, Amanda informed her boss of an emergency and rushed home. When she arrived, she saw Rose waiting for her in front of the house.

“What’s up Rose?” Amanda asked worried. “I don’t understand why you stopped so abruptly?”

Being a mother is the most challenging job.

“Listen, I’m really sorry Ms. Ferguson, but I can’t take it anymore,” Rose said, “Miley doesn’t want me around! I tried my best…I really did.”

“Can we talk this over please? I really need someone Miley can trust and I don’t think it would be easy. If you could consider…”

“Sorry,” Rose said, “I’ll pick up my paycheck later…I’ll let you know when I need it. Goodbye!”

Rose was Miley’s seventh nanny, and Amanda didn’t understand why she quit like her predecessors.

Two years ago, Amanda had divorced her husband, who had cheated on her. He didn’t want to be involved in Miley’s care, so she had decided to raise her alone. The transition from a housewife to a working woman wasn’t easy for Amanda, but she did it for Miley’s sake.

But things became difficult for her as the work pressure increased. Amanda had to work long hours and couldn’t be around Miley all the time. To make things easier, she resorted to the help of a nanny, but it was the same story every time. No nanny has lasted more than a month!


“Baby,” Amanda said to Miley after putting her to bed, “you have to tell me if something’s bothering you. I asked if Rose was okay and you said yes. Why did she leave?” , Miley?”

“Mom…” Miley replied innocently. “I don’t know… I didn’t do anything!”

“Miley, darling, you know Mom can’t be there for you all the time,” Amanda explained, “I need you to tell me if you’re uncomfortable with a nanny. Is that so?”

Miley shook her head. “No Mommy… I want you, but I’m fine.”

Amanda squeezed her wrinkled forehead and sighed. “Fine, then get some sleep. We’ll talk tomorrow, okay?” She kissed Miley on the forehead and left the room.

Amanda didn’t sleep a wink that night. She wondered what made the nannies quit and read blogs online to find a suitable answer. Someone online had suggested putting a camera in the children’s room and Amanda thought the idea was just what she needed!

So the next day, she installed a camera in Miley’s room without telling her. She then asked Rose to look after Miley for one more day as she had something urgent at work that she couldn’t afford to miss.

Rose agreed and Amanda’s plan worked.

Amanda did not drive her car to her office that day. She parked her car on the street next to her house, turned on the camera and froze.

“Miley! Oh no!” Amanda’s hand went to her mouth, startled. “I… I don’t believe that!”

Amanda couldn’t believe the real reason the nannies quit. It was all Miley’s fault!

Miley constantly worried Rose. She refused to eat the food Rose got her and threw toys at her, and she even pushed Rose!

Amanda drove home and barged into Miley’s bedroom.

“Mom!” the little girl gasped. “Why are you home so soon?”

“Rose…” Amanda said apologetically, “I’m so sorry for the trouble I caused you. I should have trusted you! And Miley, honey, why did you lie? What’s wrong?”

Miley started crying and hugged Amanda before revealing why she didn’t want Rose or another nanny around.

“I want you mom!” she sobbed. “But you’re always busy! You always say you can’t be there for me, and… and I ONLY want YOU!”

Amanda realized that Miley wasn’t solely to blame for what happened. But what she did to Rose was wrong. Amanda realized that Miley wasn’t solely to blame for what happened. But what she did to Rose was wrong.

“Honey you should apologize to Rose,” Amanda told Miley, “you shouldn’t have hurt her and I’m sorry Rose for doubting you. I put a camera in this room; otherwise I would have I never found out it was Miley’s fault…””Honey, you should apologize to Rose,” Amanda told Miley, “you shouldn’t have hurt her and I’m sorry Rose for doubting you. I have a camera in these room; otherwise I never would have known it was Miley’s fault…”

Amanda realized that Miley wanted her mother to be there for her, which is why she didn’t want a nanny around. So she promised her that she wouldn’t leave her alone again. This made Miley realize her mistake and she apologized to Rose.

“Sorry Rose,” Miley said, sniffling, “I’ve been a bad girl. I wanted Mommy…”

Rose forgave the small child as she was also a mother. And Amanda switched to a remote job that didn’t pay as much but allowed her to spend more time with her daughter.

What can we learn from this story?

Spending love on children is more important than spending money on them. Amanda realized her priority should have been Miley and not her job when Miley confessed how much she wanted her mother.
Being a mother is the most challenging job. Amanda had to sacrifice her high-paying job for Miley’s sake and take on the added responsibility of spending more time with her.

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