Host of ABC’s The View Whoopi Goldberg is reportedly setting out to write a graphic novel about a superhero whose powers are derived from menopause.

Goldberg is co-writing the Dark Horse Comics book with Jaime Paglia, who wrote for CW’s The Flash and the series Eureka, according to Screen Rant.

The comic book’s hero has also been designed in Goldberg’s likeness.

The book, to be titled The Change, will feature a grandmother named Isabel Frost who feels her life has become “stagnant” and has ground to a halt. But when she lapses into menopause, she finds that a whole new power has come into her life. With her new powers, the Goldberg-like character becomes “The Change” and sets out to become a crime fighter.

The comic is set for release on Nov. 28.

While Goldberg has not written a comic book before, she has written for other genres. She has written several children’s books, including Sugar Plum Ballerinas and Whoopi’s Big Book of Manners, and has also penned non-fiction.

Goldberg has been a loud advocate of pushing boundaries in publishing. She most recently told her View audiences that banning drag queen shows and taking books pushing radical sexual content on children out of school libraries is “not American.”

“I feel like if you don’t want to see drag shows, then don’t take your child to a drag show. If you don’t want your child reading certain books, give the library a list of the books you don’t want your kid to read. Stay off my back,” she exclaimed during an episode of the show late last month.

On the other hand, she recently advocated for the U.S. government to shut down Fox News for reporting things she did not like and used the excuse that Fox is somehow “recruiting terrorists” with its reporting.

Goldberg was also suspended from the talk show after repeatedly insisting that the Nazi-sponsored Holocaust during WWII was not about racism. Despite the uproar her uneducated comments caused, she later doubled down on the lie that the Nazis did not deploy a racist rationale for its mass murder of six million Jews.

The Sister Act star even hinted that she thinks the Bible supports the transgendering of children.

“My God, this is a party that says we believe in parents’ rights,” Goldberg yelled in an attack on Republicans. “You’re telling me that as a parent, I don’t — I’m not smart enough to decide if my child and I need to have gender-affirming — or doctors are not involved.”

“So what is — I can’t decide what my kid reads, I can’t decide for my child, what my child says is going on,” Goldberg added. “You’re telling me your beliefs — you’re — and they keep saying it, and I keep saying, ‘What Bible are you reading? Because God was really clear!’”

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