Former National Hockey League (NHL) star P.K. Subban made a joke about left-wing pop star Lizzo live on the air while talking about an NHL playoff game for ESPN on Tuesday night.

Subban made the remark while breaking down Game 1 of Florida Panthers vs. Toronto Maple Leafs in the Stanley Cup Playoff series after his co-host, John Buccigross, suggested Toronto should “pack a lunch” after their loss, likely insinuating the team needs to eat more in order to be stronger for the next game.

“Maybe they need to pack a Lizzo-sized lunch,” Subban said in response to Buccigross’ comment.

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Subban was immediately attacked by a woke mob on social media that took offense to him pointing out the pop star’s undeniably large figure.

“Why do men think it’s funny to body shame women?” one Twitter user complained, adding, “Lizzo is beautiful, talented and incredibly successful. These men just can’t handle that.”

“there’s nothing in this world men love more than disrespecting black women,” another claimed.

“this was so unnecessary,” another Twitter user lamented.

“boy tryna get himself canceled i see,” another wrote.

“Hopefully Lizzo can use her social media platform to try and cancel PK,” another echoed. “Take a page out of his playbook and finally get rid of this clown.”

At the time of publication, Lizzo did not publicly react to Subban’s comment.

But the “Truth Hurts” singer appears to be aware of her size, as well as how much food she consumes, choosing “lizzobeeating” [Lizzo be eating] as her personal Instagram handle.

Earlier this year, Lizzo appeared to celebrate her obesity in an Instagram video in which she declared her body to be a work of “art.” Clad in a bikini in her video, the singer and Joe Biden-Kamala Harris 2020 campaigner scolded body shamers and critics of her physique.

Last month, the Grammy winning pop star referred to herself as “the beauty standard,” saying, “I just finished showering and doing my little routine, and you know what I realized? I am fucking gorgeous. I am the beauty standard.”

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