Rob O’Neill, the Navy SEAL who killed al Qaeda terrorist Osama bin Laden, blasted the Navy for enlisting a drag queen influencer as a “digital ambassador” to help recruit.

“Alright. The U.S. Navy is now using an enlisted sailor Drag Queen as a recruiter. I’m done. China is going to destroy us. YOU GOT THIS NAVY. I can’t believe I fought for this bullshit,” he tweeted.

He followed up with another tweet, saying, “You’re doing it wrong, @USNavy …. Talk to someone whose [sic] actually done something! Not yeomen with tits and a Dick!”

O’Neill’s tweets came after a TikTok video from drag queen influencer U.S. Navy Yeoman 2nd Class Joshua Kelley went viral among conservative commentators this week.

The Navy has since confirmed that the enlisted active-duty Navy sailor was one of its “Navy Digital Ambassadors” in a pilot program that ran from October 2022 to March 2023.

Kelley, who performs as “Harpy Daniels,” had gushed about the appointment on his Instagram account in November 2022, writing, “Thank you to the Navy for giving me this opportunity! I don’t speak for the Navy but simply sharing my experience in the Navy! Hooyah, and let’s go Slay!”

In a previous post, he said he first performed drag for fellow sailors during lip sync shows on a carrier deployment in 2017 and 2018.

A Navy spokeswoman told Breitbart News in a statement Wednesday:

The Navy Digital Ambassador Program was a pilot initiative designed to explore the digital environment to reach a wide range of potential candidates as the Navy navigates the most challenging recruiting environment it has faced since the start of the all-volunteer force.

“The pilot has concluded; we are evaluating the program and how it will exist in the future,” she added.

Before O’Neill’s recent tweets, he had initially tweeted, “To be clear, I have had so much [fun] at drag shows. And I do truly appreciate their artistic talents. However, grown men should not be showing their -ssholes to children.”

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