A man kicked his guests out of his long-awaited birthday party for making fun of his housekeeper, and pretty soon his life turned upside down.

“My big day has finally arrived!” Joseph sighed as the warm rays from his bedroom window struck his eyes. “I hope Mrs. Vidal has left everything ready for the party.”

Joseph was only a few hours away from cutting his 37th birthday cake. He was excited to have all his friends and colleagues at the party, especially his boss Samuel, and he wanted everything to go perfectly.

But poor Joseph had no idea that something would happen on his big day that would force him to throw his esteemed guests out of his party.

A soft melody filled the living room, where Joseph’s party was being held. The guests began to arrive and there was laughter everywhere.

“Here it is, sir!” Joseph exclaimed, flashing his best smile as he walked up to his boss Samuel for a warm hug. “I’m glad you came.”

“My birthday boy… You look handsome. Nobody can say you’re 37!” Samuel joked as he adjusted Joseph’s expensive tuxedo over his shoulders.

The guests were enjoying a delicious lunch while Karen, 62, stood in the corner, taking a short break to soothe her aching feet.

“Can you take this tray of wines?” asked one of the waiters.

“Of course, I’ll take it,” Karen said as she took the tray and approached the guests. She wasn’t used to dealing with so much noise, let alone breathing in a smoky environment. There were many who smoked while talking.

Karen couldn’t stand the smell, but she was determined to entertain her boss’s guests with a smile. It was then that she accidentally tripped on the rug and dropped the tray of drinks that splashed onto Samuel’s expensive tuxedo before crashing to the floor.

“Oh no!” Joseph exclaimed when he saw his boss’s suit stained with wine.

There was an awkward silence in the room, and the dancing guests stopped. Everyone was looking at the tragic scene with dismay. Samuel’s fury was something Karen hadn’t expected.

“I’m sorry… I’ll clean it up. I’m so sorry, sir,” she apologized to herself, aware that everyone was looking at her and frowning.

“You feel it?? And that will give me back my suit? Samuel was enraged. “Do you know how expensive this tux is? Even if you wash and clean your whole life, you could never afford it! How dare you ruin my suit? How could you be so clumsy?”

Karen felt a strange sensation bubbling up in her gut. She was scared because no one had yelled at her like that, let alone in a crowd. Tears welled up in her eyes as she looked around her, embarrassed.

“Why are you coming to work if you can’t hold a tray?” Samuel yelled. “If you have shaky hands, you should stay home! Or are your children so useless that they cannot support you?

The guests burst into laughter, mocking Karen and adding insults. She couldn’t take it anymore and she walked away crying.

“Joseph, what kind of housekeeper do you have? Fire her immediately!” Samuel yelled, forcing him to choose between his boss’s order and poor Karen.

“Why are you standing like a statue? That useless has ruined my expensive suit. FIRE HER RIGHT NOW!” Samuel added, confident that Joseph would do it. But his reaction surprised him.

“Enough! Everybody out now!” Joseph retorted. “Get out of my house, all of you! Long!”.

Samuel was taken aback. He didn’t expect Joseph to side with her employee and kick the esteemed guests out of her instead of firing her.

“Joseph? You’re crazy? You better apologize to me right now and fire her…or you’re fired!” Samuel retorted furiously.

“Oh really? Well, why don’t you go before I get you out myself?” Joseph replied. Samuel stormed out with all the guests. The living room was completely silent.

“Ma’am, I am so sorry that this has happened. Please excuse those people.” Joseph apologized to Karen, who was encouraged to reveal a heartbreaking truth.

“I don’t have kids. My only daughter and her husband were killed in a car accident nine years ago. My husband is bedridden so I have to work to raise my grandson, David. I don’t know about weekends or holidays. I work daily to support the little one,” Karen confessed.

“It was my mistake… I should have been more careful, but I couldn’t hold back my tears when he talked about my daughter.”

Touched by Karen’s story, Joseph thought to cheer her up by cutting her birthday cake in her presence.

“Mrs. Vidal, be my guest of honor. I’m going to make a wish.” She blew out the candle while she hatched a little surprise for Karen.

The next day, Samuel tried to call Joseph, but was unsuccessful. “I can’t communicate with him. Why don’t you answer? Why hasn’t he come to the office yet? I can’t wait to tell him he’s fired and kick him out like he kicked me out yesterday!” he said.

But Joseph and his maid were already hundreds of kilometers from the city, and no one knew where they were going.

“A resignation email?” Samuel exclaimed, after a notification appeared on his phone. It was Joseph’s, and it turned out that, as part of his plan, he had first quit his job.

Joseph, who had lost his parents in a car accident when he was too young, was raised by his late grandmother, Carol. After hearing Karen’s story, he relatable and decided to help her raise her grandchild.

So, he planned to take Karen’s family on a little vacation, and then announce the next big plan he had for her.Entonces, planeó llevar a la familia de Karen a unas pequeñas vacaciones y luego anunciar el próximo gran plan que tenía para ella.

“It was the most wonderful moment of our lives… My grandson had always wanted to see the beach and enjoy the waves. Thank you for fulfilling his wish, Joseph,” Karen exclaimed after the holidays.“Fue el momento más maravilloso de nuestras vidas… Mi nieto siempre había deseado ver la playa y disfrutar de las olas. Gracias por cumplir su deseo, Joseph”, exclamó Karen después de las vacaciones.

“It’s not over yet, Mrs. Vidal. I have another surprise for you!” Joseph responded as he pulled up in front of his house and showed Karen a plaque that read “Joseph Paredes & Family” near the front door.“Aún no ha terminado, señora Vidal. ¡Tengo otra sorpresa para ustedes!”, respondió Joseph mientras se detenía frente a su casa y le mostraba a Karen una placa que decía “Joseph Paredes & Familia”, cerca de la puerta principal.

“I know this may sound crazy, but let me be your son and please move in with me!” she said, moving Karen to tears.“Sé que esto puede sonar loco, pero ¡permítame ser su hijo y por favor múdense conmigo!”, dijo, conmoviendo a Karen hasta las lágrimas.

“After my parents and grandmother died, I lived with a deep emptiness in my heart. Emotionally, I couldn’t go on. Now, I think you guys can fill it with your love.”“Después de que mis padres y mi abuela murieran, viví con un profundo vacío en mi corazón. Emocionalmente, no podía seguir adelante. Ahora, creo que ustedes pueden llenarlo con su amor”.

Eventually, the woman moved into Joseph’s house with her husband and grandson. She stopped being just another employee and became part of the family.Finalmente, la mujer se mudó a la casa de Joseph con su esposo y su nieto. Dejó de ser una empleada más y se convirtió en parte de la familia.

What can we learn from this story?¿Qué podemos aprender de esta historia?

Always do your best: Karen worked very hard to take care of her grandson and her husband. Her boss recognized her efforts and rewarded her, letting her family move in with him.
Never look down on someone who makes a mistake: When Karen accidentally spilled wine on Samuel, he was furious. He insulted her and ordered Joseph to fire her from her. In the end, he was kicked out, while Karen’s life improved significantly.

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