For the last week or so, Michael Strahan has been unable to fulfill his duties as host of Good Morning America after he tested positive for the deadly virus responsible for COVID-19. He has been self-quarantining during this time but did manage to appear remotely for work for his other job as a voice on NFL Sunday with Fox, which covered the NFC Championship game.

Strahan planned to appear on Good Morning America this week to discuss his diagnosis, but both TMZ and Deadline might have beaten him to it. They both reported that the 49-year-old former NFL player tested positive for COVID-19, although the GMA host has not confirmed that publicly.

Because Strahan has not appeared on the Good Morning America program this week, fans had begun to suspect that he was COVID-19 positive. However, he did appear on FOX for his remote commitment for the NFC game.

Strahan is not experiencing terrible symptoms. This has been good news for the television personality because it should not be too long before he is able to get back to work doing the things that he loves to do.

As the father of sixteen-year-old twin sisters, Isabella and Sophia, he has to remain vigilant about his diagnosis. A source claimed that he did come into contact with the pair after he was exposed to COVID-19. They are also getting tested to make sure that the virus was not passed along to them as well.

Strahan’s twin teen daughters live with their mother, Jean Muggli, most days. She also is undergoing COVID-19 testing. All three have yet to receive their test results, at the time their status was last reported to the media.

On Thursday, Robin Roberts and others addressed how the sporty co-host of GMA tested positive for the virus.

“We know that you have noticed that Michael has not been here with us this week,” Roberts said. “He wanted us to let you know he has tested positive for COVID. He’s at home quarantining right now.”

Co-host George Stephanopoulos also had words to share on the topic of Michael Strahan’s diagnosis.

“He’s also feeling well and looking forward to being back here shortly,” Stephanopoulos said. “You should know that all of us here, both in front of the camera and behind the scenes, have been cleared by Disney to be hereafter contact tracing and following CDC guidelines.”

Stephanopoulos tested positive for COVID-19 back in April. He was asymptomatic.

While on the air, Roberts and Stephanopoulos joked about how Strahan’s dog, Enzo, would be working overtime in “keeping him nice and warm” as the former NFL star recovers from the illness.

Hopefully, Strahan recovers quickly and tests negative for the virus soon. The country will miss him while he is gone from Good Morning America because of the coronavirus.

Testing positive for COVID-19 can be a scary experience. The virus can be deadly and has resulted in hundreds of thousands of American deaths since it first spread to the country at the beginning of 2020.

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