A transgender woman sued a New York City yoga studio on Monday after being asked to exit the women’s locker room at the studio and being told to use the men’s facilities, according to a court filing.

Ali Miles, also known as Dylan Miles, according to the complaint, is suing Hot Yoga Chelsea for $5 million after management asked Miles to exit the women’s locker room following a yoga class.

Hot Yoga Chelsea management prohibited Miles from using the Women’s facilities, according to the filing.

“Miles sat down with the manager and owner and specifically told the manager about Miles’ gender status, and informed that Miles most closely aligned with female gender identity and that Miles intended to and wished to use a private non-gender specific restroom and locker room.,” the filing said.

After the yoga class, Miles entered the women’s locker room and other women “complained” about Miles “presence,” according to the filing.

This filing is the third gender-identity discrimination lawsuit Miles has filed in 13 months, the New York Post reported.

Hot Yoga Chelsea management allegedly told Miles to use the men’s facilities after being escorted out of the women’s locker rooms.

“Miles’ use of single-gender locker room and bathroom labeled Men, made Miles suffer shame, humiliation, and frustration. Miles, against Miles’ wishes and intent, was forced to use a locker room and bathroom that was not most closely aligned with Miles’ gender,” the filing read.

Fox News Digital has reached out to Hot Yoga Chelsea and Miles for comment.

Similar incidents have emerged across the country. An 18-year-old transgender woman allegedly entered a women’s shower area in a Wisconsin high school and showered alongside three high school girls, who were allegedly showering after swimming in gym class.

A letter sent by the Wisconsin Institute of Law and Liberty (WILL) in April claimed that the Sun Prairie Area School District in Wisconsin has not “adequately” addressed a violation of students’ privacy rights after a transgender woman walked into a shower with four high school girls inside of it.

WILL claimed that the girls entered the shower area with their swimsuits on to rinse off, a practice that is common after swimming in PE class. Moreover, the letter alleges that the transgender student entered the girls’ shower area, approached them, and announced, “I’m trans, by the way.”

The letter alleges that the transgender student “undressed fully and showered completely naked right next to one of the girls.”

“He was initially turned toward the wall but eventually turned and fully exposed his male genitalia to the four girls,” the letter said.

It is likely lawsuits will become the norm in this hotly contested issue of transgender people using their identified restroom rather than their biological restroom.

Miles seems to be on his way to becoming a serial suer. In the end a judge will decide whose rights are actually being violated.

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