As Disney rushed to open the doors to its streaming service, it might have overlooked a few things that are no longer acceptable today. As the #MeToo movement opens people’s eyes into sexual abuse and the power-dominance relationship that abusers often seek, people are more aware than ever before. And one movie, a 1994 comedy called Blank Check, has people outraged at Disney.

Viewers have found out that in the movie Blank Check, an adult woman sexually molests an eleven-year-old boy. In the scene, Brian Bonsall plays the fifth-grader Preston Waters. And the woman sitting on the bench next to him is thirty-something FBI agent Shay Stanley played by Karen Duffy. In the film, Duffy gives the young boy a kiss that some have come forward to label “the most awkward scene ever.”

Blank Check has been a movie that felt into obscurity for years until it found a cult following among those thrilled by the prospect of child molestation. Disney+ fans are outraged that the Disney platform – which has long been accused of hiding sexual innuendo in their famous animated films – had the sexualized depiction of a little boy in this 1994 film.

Tiktok user Rob Anderson was the person to draw attention to the romantic kiss in Blank Check. Through a video, he exposed Disney’s focus on adult-child love as the pair shared a romantic kiss and agreed to go on a “date” in six years when he is old enough. Nevertheless, the FBI agent gives the child a romantic kiss to help him remember to save his love for her.

Rob Anderson shared the video of himself watching Blank Check along with the caption, “This Disney movie Blank Check has the most awkward scene ever.”

Anderson turns the camera upon himself to show his viewers how shocked he is by what Disney+ was showing to children. Not only was this movie supposed to be family-friendly, but it also promoted sexual relations between preteen boys and adult women – no wonder there has been an increase in sexual relationships between teachers and their students.

“Imagine being this grown actress #fyp #foryou #awkward #xycba,” he wrote when he shared the short clip.

Viewers quickly commented about how it should not be legal for the director to force the actress in Blank Check to kiss the little boy. Nevertheless, Disney felt that it was appropriate when the movie was made – and once again approved the romantic relationship between the boy and the FBI agent when they agreed to air Blank Check on Disney+ for all the children of 2020 to see and enjoy.

Thankfully whistleblowers like Rob Anderson are around to expose big corporations and government institutions for the horrible acts they commit behind closed doors.

People took to Twitter to share their shock.

“Watching Blank Check on Disney+ has got me shook,” one person wrote. “Like an 11 yr old child really took [a] grown woman on a date and by the end of the movie, she kisses him ON THE LIPS!!! 90s movies really wildin.”

“I’m honestly shocked Disney+ put up Blank check. A grown a** woman is the love interest in this movie and goes on a date with and kisses a *pre-teen boyo*!!!!!! The 90s were wild.”

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