Joy Behar got in a fight at an airport in Italy, calling a woman the “B” word because she refused to let her “pee in the first class lounge.”

Joy Behar went on a vacation to Italy last week while her ABC talk show “The View” took a spring break hiatus. When she made her return, Behar shockingly revealed that she called a woman a “b****” after they had an altercation in an Italian airport.

Behar’s Fight In Italy
When asked if she ate well on her trip, Behar replied, “Of course! There’s not a bad meal in Italy. It’s very hard to find.”

Traveling, however, was not a pleasant experience for the 80 year-old radically liberal comedian, who whined to her co-hosts that she was “reduced to coach” but didn’t reveal why because it was “too boring a story.” Instead, Behar went into detail about an altercation that she had with an airport employee.

“The people are very nice. Here and there I had a little — I had to call one woman the B-word. But that’s something else,” she said, according to Decider.

Seemingly not shocked by this, moderator Whoopi Goldberg asked if Behar said this curse word in English or in Italian.

“I said it in English because she wouldn’t let me pee in the first-class lounge,” Behar explained. “I said, ‘Please, let me just go.’ [She said], ‘No.’ I said, ‘Listen, don’t be a bitch.’ She wouldn’t let me go.”

“Well, after you called her that I’m sure she was gonna be like, ‘Come on in!’” co-host Sara Haines said with a laugh.

Despite this encounter, Behar concluded by praising the people of Italy.

“I have to say — not because I’m an Italian-American — I have to say they’re lovely,” she said. “The people are nice. They’re very nice. The food is good. The art is beautiful. What more do you want on a vacation? And the shopping is good, too!”

Watch Behar tell this full story in the video below.

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