The Villages is full of retirees looking for a fast hookup.

According to a revealing video published on the Chinese social media app TikTok, seniors at Florida’s notorious retirement community in the center of the state are using color-coded loofahs to indicate their sexual preference when looking for a hookup partner.

Drag queen Tora Himan posted the video from The Villages, Florida, revealing that loofahs attached to seniors’ vehicles indicate their sexual preferences and how eager and willing these retirees are to drop their pants and get frisky with other people living – or visiting – the retirement community.

Tora Himan’s video has amassed more than three million views at the time of this writing. In the viral TikTok video, the drag queen cycles through images of people with loofahs attached to their vehicles to indicate that they are senior swingers looking to hook up and have sex with random people.

For those who are not aware, Florida’s The Villages is the world’s largest retirement community. It is larger than the city of Manhattan and encompasses five different zip codes. There are more than 130,000 seniors living in the retirement community and thousands of them are horny and looking for people to shack up with to enjoy a sex romp for fun.

In one expose, Daily Mail revealed that The Villages has a hot black market for Viagra and other sex pills that help men and women perform the act of intercourse.

According to Tora Himan’s viral video, there are seven different color loofahs that seniors use to indicate their desire for a sexual partner.

A white loofah indicates that the person is a sexual novice and a beginner in the swinging scene.

A blue loofah indicates the “lowest level of full swap. Those who can play well with others.”

A purple loofah reveals that the senior is a “voyeur and person who like to watch” other people have sex in private or in public.

A pink loofah means “soft swap. People who like to do it with others in the room.”

A yellow loofah in The Villages indicates a “mid-level swap. For those who want to have fun but are still nervous.”

A black loofah signifies a “full swap. Those who say what the hell and let it all go down.”

Finally, a teal loofah is code for a “bisexual” person. It is “for those that want to increase their dating chances” by selecting both men and women as casual sex partners.

Viewers shared their reaction to The Village loofah color code and confirmed that the drag queen is correct about it.

“I work in The Villages. We have a paper in our desk to see what’s what when we see them drive by or clients get out of cars,” one person said.

“Yep. My parents used to own a house there, and I often visited and saw these everywhere. I told them to do the same. They said they’re no swingers,” another added.

“Omg, this is so true. I worked in the villages and absolutely loved it!! These ppl live their entire best life’s #goals minus the STD’S (sic),” someone else wrote.

“The loofa thing in The Villages has been going on for a long, long time. At least 20+ years,” one experienced person wrote as a comment.

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