After ten years of marriage, a man suspects his wife of cheating. His worst fear comes alive when he returns home from work one day and hears strange noises from his bedroom. Upon walking closer, he hears a man’s voice coming from his room.

John fell in love with Emily when he saw her for the first time in school. Her dark brown eyes and long blonde hair made him think she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. The young boy had no idea he would marry the same girl a few years later.

They tied the knot in an intimate ceremony soon after graduating college. Emily focused on building a family, while John worked day and night to excel in his career. The first few years of their married life were nothing short of a fairytale.

However, after having two children, Emily and John rarely spent time together. Most days, John would return home from work around midnight, when Emily would be fast asleep. Their relationship had started deteriorating.

“He is so handsome!” Emily thought while she tapped her fingers on her phone’s screen. It was a Monday morning when the mother of two was sitting on her bed, chatting with a man she met online.

Emily had felt neglected for too long. It was as if John had stopped paying attention to her. She wanted to spend time with him, and she tried to talk to him, entice him, even trick him into it―but he was always obsessed with work. Tired of all the neglect, Emily made a fake profile on a dating website, pretending to be a single woman.

In no time, a man approached her, and she began talking to him. They would chat for hours, exchanging photos and admiring each other. Talking to him reminded Emily of her youth―when boys wanted to be around her, but she only cared about her boyfriend, John.

A few days later, John found the perfect opportunity to find out the truth.

Ten years after her wedding, Emily enjoyed chatting with a man who was not her husband. She felt butterflies in her tummy whenever he complimented her. He even asked her out, but Emily refused because she feared getting caught.

Meanwhile, John felt it was strange for Emily to suddenly spend more time on her phone. He noticed her taking her phone everywhere she went, including the bathroom.

“What’s wrong with her?” John wondered. “She keeps smiling at the phone screen. Something’s up!”
However, John didn’t confront his wife until he witnessed something unusual. Emily never dressed up too much or wore dark lips, but one day, John saw her leave the house wearing a fitted black dress with dark makeup.

“Where did you go today?” he asked her later that night.

“I went to see a friend,” Emily replied, looking at herself in the mirror.

“Well, you dressed up quite a bit today. That’s so not you!” John chuckled. “You never wear such heavy makeup, even when you go on a date with me.”

“When was the last time you took me on a date?” Emily changed the topic. “You’re so busy with work, John. You never have time for me.”

A few days later, John found the perfect opportunity to find out the truth. He was sitting on his bed when Emily went to take a shower, leaving her phone on the side table. Once John was sure his wife wouldn’t come out of the bathroom for at least 15 minutes, he quickly picked up her phone and unlocked it.

“Oh, my God!” John gasped upon reading the messages on her phone. He felt devastated to see his wife’s romantic conversation with an unknown man.

John felt his heart pound inside his chest as he scrolled through the entire conversation. He felt a lump in his throat when he read the last message Emily had sent while sitting beside John. It read:

“You’re the man I’ve always wanted, Blake. You’re so handsome. So intelligent. I love you so much!”

Suddenly, Emily emerged from the bathroom and was shocked to see her phone in John’s hands. “What are you doing?” she asked angrily while snatching her phone.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING, EMILY?” John snapped at his wife. “You’re cheating on me with another man! How could you?”

“Listen, John,” Emily said. “It’s just an online affair. I’ve never met him―”

“I don’t care, Emily!” John interrupted. “I just can’t believe it. I would never cheat on you like that!”

John felt disgusted after reading his wife’s messages. He knew talking to her while he was still angry was useless, so he marched out of the bedroom and returned when he had calmed down.

“I’m sorry, John,” Emily apologized. “I promise I will stop talking to him.”

After a short, awkward conversation, John took a deep breath and sighed.

“Okay, Emily,” John replied. “Let’s give our marriage another chance. Let’s make things work.”

At that time, John forgave his wife. However, deep down, he felt something was not right. It wasn’t until he returned home from work one day that he witnessed something that broke his heart.

A few days later…

“I’ll surprise her tonight!” John said as he exited his office two hours earlier than usual. He knew Emily always yearned to spend more time with him, so he thought he would surprise her by returning home early.

As John parked his car in the driveway, he noticed his bedroom light was on. “Looks like Emily’s in the bedroom,” he said.

“Get out of my house!” John yelled as he grabbed the man’s shirt and pulled him towards the door.
Feeling excited, he entered his house and carefully closed the door behind him, trying not to make any noise. As he tiptoed towards his bedroom, he heard Emily’s laugh, followed by a man’s voice. His heart skipped a beat as he twisted the doorknob to open the door.

“Oh, my God!” John gasped. He could not believe what he saw inside his bedroom. His wife was on his bed with another man.

John felt furious upon catching his wife red-handed. He immediately barged into the bedroom and yelled at his wife.

“How dare you invite another man inside my house?” he asked angrily. “How could you cheat on me?”

“I’m sorry, John,” Emily jumped out of bed upon seeing her husband. “I can explain, honey. Please listen to me. It’s not what you think it is.”

“What’s there to explain, Emily?” John asked. “I just caught my wife sleeping with another man in my bedroom!”

“You have a husband?” Emily’s lover was shocked. “Why didn’t you tell me you were married?”

John’s gaze shifted from his wife to the unknown man’s back. Looking at the stranger’s physique, John thought it was strange that Emily chose a guy who was as tall and broad as him.

“Get out of my house!” John yelled as he grabbed the man’s shirt and pulled him towards the door.

The man lost his balance and fell to the ground when John pushed him out of the room. That was when John looked at the stranger’s face and felt shocked. The men couldn’t take their eyes off each other’s faces. They were shocked to see how similar they looked. Their eyes, nose, hair, and lips were precisely the same.

A few minutes later, John sat with Emily and her lover in the living room. He was shocked to see the physical similarities between him and the stranger in his house.

“This is so strange. I have never met someone who resembles me so much,” Emily’s lover, Blake, said.

“Do you, by any chance, know my parents or my family?” John asked. He was trying to figure out why Blake resembled him so much.

“I don’t know your family, but…” Blake started. “My parents adopted me as a baby, and I have never met my biological parents. I don’t even know if I have biological siblings.”

“What?” John was shocked.

“That could be a possible reason why we look alike.”

Emily stood still, staring at the lines and curves of the two identical faces. She couldn’t believe she brushed it off as a mere coincidence. “How blinded was I?!” she asked herself, trying to imagine what this would be going to John.

“John, darling. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry! I—I never for a second thought that both of you would b—”

“Just shut up, Emily!” John snapped at her. “I’ll deal with you later!”

After talking to Blake, John told him about his plan. “I want you to meet my parents, Blake. I think that would help us find out the truth. What do you think?”

“I don’t mind meeting them,” Blake replied.

The next day, John drove Blake to his parents’ house. “Stay in the car until I call you inside,” John told Blake before ringing the doorbell.

“Hi, honey!” John’s mother, Melissa, hugged him after opening the door. “Come in. Your Dad and I were talking about you yesterday!”

John smiled at his mother and entered the house. He chatted with his parents for a while before revealing why he had visited them.

“Do you guys believe in family secrets?” John asked.

“Family secrets?” his father, Arnold, laughed. “There’s no such thing as a secret between family!”

“Have you guys kept any secrets from me?” John asked with a straight face.

“What are you talking about, honey?” Melissa looked at him. “Is this one of your phases when you ask us senseless questions?”

“I know there’s something you both have hidden from me!” John said as he rose to his feet and walked towards the main door. “I have something to show you.”

Then, John opened the door and gestured for Blake to come in. “You won’t believe this!” John told his parents, who were looking towards the entrance.

As Blake entered the house and sat on the couch, Melissa and Arnold looked at him in shock. They couldn’t believe their son’s carbon copy, who they had never met before, was sitting inside their house.

“Can you explain how this is possible?” John asked his parents as he sat beside Blake.

“Look at us! We look like identical twins!”

Arnold’s face flushed red at that moment while Melissa burst into tears of shock. Arnold was silent and kept looking at the ground while his wife cried hysterically. “Calm down, Mom!” John hugged his mother. “Please stop crying!”

It took Melissa a few minutes before she stopped crying. Then, she looked at her husband and asked, “Why are you quiet? Do you know what this is about?”

“I do,” Arnold nodded. “I’m sorry, Melissa.”

“What do you mean?” Melissa was shocked.

“I lied to you about the death of John’s twin brother,” Arnold confessed. “I told you that your second baby passed away a few minutes after birth, but the truth is that I gave him up for adoption. I thought we couldn’t afford to raise two children, Melissa. I’m so sorry.”

“How could you?” Melissa gasped while John rubbed her back, trying to calm her down. “You kept this secret from me for decades, Arnold. You snatched my child from me! You will rot in hell for doing this to me! You will rot in hell!”

“I’m sorry, Melissa,” Arnold apologized. “I thought no one would find out. I’m sorry.”

“You saw me mourn for my child every day after John’s birth,” Melissa cried. “You saw me yearn to hold my dead baby in my arms. You saw how heartbroken I felt after learning I would have one baby instead of two. How could you hurt me like that, Arnold?”

“Melissa, please try to understand,” Arnold said. “I didn’t do this to hurt you.”

“You’ve done what you wanted to,” Melissa wiped tears off her cheeks. “You broke my trust. You broke my heart.”

A few days after learning the truth, Melissa filed for divorce and moved into John’s house. Meanwhile, John divorced Emily because he could never forgive her for cheating. However, he felt happy that his wife’s infidelity helped him find his long-lost twin brother.

After his divorce, John lived happily with his mother. He often invited Blake for dinner so his mother could spend time with him and get to know him better. Meanwhile, Melissa felt relieved of her decades-long grief.

“I wish I had met you earlier, my son!” she told Blake.

“I wish the same, Mom!” John’s twin brother smiled.

What can we learn from this story?

Difficult moments teach us big lessons. While John felt heartbroken to catch his wife cheating on him, he later felt relieved to reunite his mother with Blake. Fate revealed the truth at the cost of his marriage.
The truth always comes out. When Arnold gave his son up for adoption, he thought no one would learn about it. He had no idea that his secret would come out decades later and destroy his relationship with his wife.

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