Laura and Ben’s marriage had begun to crumble because of money issues. When Laura’s son finds revealing pictures of a woman in Ben’s jacket, their marriage is tested.

Laura had just finished putting on her finest makeup as she posed in front of the mirror in the new chic dress, applying the last bit of lipstick. The black garb caressingly grabbed her body in a way that she knew would surely have her husband — Ben, the retired cop turned car salesman — groveling.

“It’s time to fight for your marriage, Laura. Ben’s never been able to resist all this,” Laura said, still confidently shifting between poses in the mirror.

Laura and Ben’s 29-year marriage had recently been going through the motions because of money problems. Laura felt Ben wasn’t making the income necessary to sustain their family.

“We can’t survive on peanuts, Ben! That’s why you left the police force, remember?! You have to do better! You were prepared to be the breadwinner for our family, and you’ve got to fulfil that promise!” Laura’s last words to her husband before he left for work continued to ring in her head.

“Don’t you dare ‘my love’ me! I can smell the perfume on your clothes.”

Laura felt guilty for the amount of pressure she had been applying on her husband. But she stood by her insistence on bringing in more income for the family. Their teenage boy, Sean, would be going to college in the near future, and they were behind on his college fund payments.

She hoped arranging a romantic dinner with Ben would compensate for her outburst earlier. Ben had always said Laura looked amazing in black, so she had faith that tonight would be a night to remember.

Laura set up a beautiful romantic display of a candle lit-dinner of her famous honey roast duck. She waited for hours, but Ben didn’t pitch. Laura eventually fell asleep at the dinner table, waiting on Ben.

Suddenly, she was awoken by the sound of the main door opening. Her husband walked in to find Laura at the table, her make-up now smudged. It finally hit him as he looked at the display and Laura’s disappointed mien.

“I’m so sorry, my love! They had me working extra hours today,” Ben explained.

“That’s really interesting, Ben. Because your salary doesn’t reflect anything extra!” Laura retorted.

“Please, let’s not do this again, Laura. I’m sorry, I messed up,” said Ben, trying to grab her hand.

“Whatever, Ben!” Laura retorted, storming off and leaving a guilt-ridden Ben filled with regret.

The next day Ben was determined to redeem himself and make it up to his wife. He invited Laura to a restaurant after work. Laura accepted his invitation and was excited to go out with her husband. It had been a while since they’d been out together.

Laura dolled herself up and went to the restaurant. It was a beautiful Hawaiian restaurant. Laura appreciated Ben’s gesture.

She was born in Hawaii and had always dreamed of returning to her motherland but could never afford it. Their reservation had already been made, and a waitress kindly ushered Laura to their table.

After 30 minutes of waiting on Ben, a frustrated Laura checked her phone for the tenth time. She tried to call Ben but wasn’t answering. “Ben, you can’t do this to me again!” she texted him.

“Sorry, ma’am. Are you ready to order yet?” the waitress asked.

“Uhm… No, I’m still waiting on someone,” Laura responded, slightly doubtful. “Just get me another water, please.”

“Alright, ma’am,” the waitress concluded.

Laura waited for another thirty minutes before finally returning home. Ben later returned home to find his wife in tears on the couch.

“I’m so sorry, Laura! I completely forgot! I got caught up with work, and my phone was in the car the whole time. I rushed home as soon as I saw your missed calls and texts,” Ben said, approaching Laura.

Ben hugged his weeping wife, trying to comfort her. “I’m so sorry!” he said. Laura accepted the hug for a moment before fiercely pushing Ben away.

” Where have you been?” she snapped.

“What? No, my love…” Ben tried to explain, but Laura wasn’t hearing it.

“Don’t you dare ‘my love’ me! I can smell the perfume on your clothes. Answer the bloody question! Is this why you’ve been standing me up and treating your own wife like a used cloth you don’t give a second look?! Huh? Answer me!” Laura snapped, her face red with vexation.

“I was at work, Laura. I swear!” Ben replied.

“You’re lying! You’re a liar and a cheat!” Laura said, heading to the bedroom.

“Laura, please!” Ben said, grabbing her arm.

“Don’t touch me! Don’t you dare!” Laura yelled, shoving his hand away and continuing toward the bedroom. She came back with blankets in hand and threw them on the floor.

“From now on, you sleep on the couch. I don’t want your filth near me,” Laura said coldly before heading into the bedroom, slamming the door behind her.

After that day, Ben made it his mission to return home early and brought flowers home for Laura for a week straight. Laura eventually softened up, and Ben even convinced her to try going on a romantic dinner again so they could sort their issues out.

However, on the day they were set to have dinner, their son, Sean, came forth to his mother with some shattering information. This would be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Laura was watching TV when she heard her son call to her from one of the rooms, “Mom!”

“Yes, dear. I’m in the lounge,” Laura replied, casually eating popcorn as she watched her show. Sean suddenly rushed into the lounge in a panic.

“Mom, you need to see this!” Sean said, handing Laura photos.

“Sean, what is this filth?” a bewildered Laura said, going through the stack of revealing photos of a young woman.

“They aren’t mine, mom,” Sean said.

“I don’t understand… Who is this?” Laura asked.

“It’s my physics teacher, Mrs. Woods. You know her, the one that lives two blocks up from us,” Sean said.

“Where did you find these?” Laura asked, her heart pumping furiously in fear of his reply.

“In dad’s jacket,” Sean explained. Laura shrieked in disbelief the moment he said those words.

“I’m sorry, I was just looking for a little money to take my new girlfriend out. I was afraid to tell you and dad about her, so I thought I might find a little change in his pocket,” Sean said.

“It…it’s alright, Sean,” Laura said, tightly gripping the photos as she tried to subdue her brewing anger and tears.

“Thank you for letting me know. I’ll talk to your dad. I’m sure it’s just a misunderstanding,” Laura lied.

Ben returned home to find a tearful Laura waiting for him at the dinner table, nursing a glass of wine. The photos were spread on the table for Ben to see.

“My love, I can explain,” Ben said, seeing the photos.

“Can you, Ben? Can you explain why my teenage son came to me with revealing pictures of his physics teacher, which he found in YOUR jacket? Can you explain that?” Laura asked, grabbing his head in an infuriated frenzy as the makeup flooded down her face.

“I can if you’ll just give me some time…” Ben tried to explain before Laura suddenly smashed her empty glass on the floor!

“Some time, Ben? Like the time I spent waiting on you every time you stood me up? Or the time I spent cooking you dinner I’d eventually eat alone? Or maybe the time you decided to spend out there with our child’s physics teacher while my stupid self stayed home holding down the fort!” Laura barked.

“I wasn’t cheating on you, Laura. You have it all wrong. Please just give me a chance to explain, Laura!” Ben pleaded.

“NO!” Laura screamed. Then, in a soft, calm, fatigued tone, she added, “I’m done giving you chances, Ben. I’m done with all of this,” Laura said, grabbing the bottle and drinking it straight as she sauntered off.

The next day, Ben begged as Laura and Sean packed their things into the car. “Please, Laura! I can explain. Just hear me out!” he pleaded.

“I’ve had enough, Ben. I’m going to my mother’s place. Please respect my space!” Laura concluded as she and Sean got into the car and drove off, leaving a dejected Ben.

Later that day, Laura was at her mother’s house with Sean. She sat on the porch as she watched her phone ring again. It was Ben. This was his 20th time calling her that day.

As she looked at the phone ringing, she wondered what picking up the phone would cost her. Her peace? Her marriage? Her sanity? As things already were, she barely had much of any of these things. So, going off a whim, she finally heard him out.

“Ben,” she simply said.

“Listen, Laura, I’m so sorry about everything. But I promise you things aren’t how they seem. There’s a lot I haven’t been forthright with you about, but I haven’t cheated on you. Ever! Please just come home so I can explain everything, my love.” Ben begged.

“Are you done?” Laura asked. Before Ben could respond, she had already cut the call.

That night, Laura tossed and turned, recalling her brief conversation with Ben. Perhaps there was more to the story than she could see, Laura thought.

The next morning, Laura decided to go home and hear Ben out. On her way home, Laura saw her husband entering Mrs. Woods’s house. Now there was no doubt that Ben was cheating on her. She knew it!

Just as she was about to jump out of the car and confront him, police cars suddenly pulled up to the house. Minutes later, they were escorting Mrs. Woods out of her house in handcuffs. Ben followed them and briefly conversed with one of the officers until he noticed Laura’s car in the distance. He rushed towards her.

“Ben, what’s happening here?” a confused Laura asked, stepping out of the car.

“This is what I was trying to explain to you. I used my experience in the police force to start doing odd jobs as a private detective on the side,” Ben explained.

“You’re a P.I.?” Laura asked in shock.

“On the side, yes. That’s why I’ve been working these crazy hours. I’ve been trying to raise money for a trip to Hawaii for our 30th anniversary,” Ben explained.

“But you could’ve told me,” Laura said, welling up.

“I know, I intended to. Especially with all the drama it was causing in our marriage. I was going to tell you at the last two dinners we were supposed to have. But Mrs. Woods’ case had me running around like a headless chicken,” Ben explained.

“What’s her story?” Laura said, watching the cop car drive off in the distance with Mrs. Woods in the back.

“She was arrested for having an affair with an 18-year-old schoolboy. One of the boy’s parents had asked me to investigate because she had suspicions. The pictures you found were evidence,” Ben explained.

“I really wish you were just upfront with me. It would have saved us so much pain, Ben. I don’t know if we can come back from all this,” Laura said, heartbroken.

“We always do, my love. Trust me,” he said, hugging his wife affectionately. “I’m so sorry for everything,” Ben said, giving her a long kiss on her forehead.

“Me too,” Laura concluded.

Laura and Sean moved back home with Ben. Ben got a bonus for a good job on the case. He and Laura decided to spend the bonus money on family therapy to mend the fractured family bonds.

Ben and Laura’s marriage improved drastically. They both apologized for their faults. Ben apologized for his deception with his new job, and his wife made amends for putting pressure on Ben to provide.

Laura was extremely proud of her husband’s efforts, and her heart dearly looking forward to going back home. Within a month, they were on the white sands of Hawaii, having the time of their lives as a family.

What can we learn from this story?

Don’t jump to conclusions. Laura was quick to think the worst of the situation and her husband, and it only caused more unnecessary pain and drama.
Talk more to your loved ones. However, on the other hand, if Ben had been more open with his wife, he could have saved both of them unnecessary pain and drama.
Share this story with your friends. It might brighten their day and inspire them.

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