A 9-year-old boy performs CPR on a homeless man and saves his life. 23 years later, the homeless man locates him and sends him a letter in which he transfers all of his wealth to him.

Kyle and his friends were playing in the park one day when a man dressed in rags emerged from the bushes, asking for help. Kyle, who had just run to the bushes to retrieve his ball, was terrified at his sight.

“Kyle, run! Don’t talk to him,” his friends yelled as they ran away, but there was something about the man that made Kyle freeze.

“Please help me, boy,” the man pleaded between heavy breaths. He looked terrible and smelled filthy, but Kyle was quick to notice that the man had not been able to breathe properly.

However, because of the man’s tattered look, Kyle was afraid. “I’ll call someone. Please wait,” he told the man as he turned to leave, but the man grabbed his hand and pulled him back.

“Ple – Please call an ambulance now. I – I can’t….” The man had only begun to speak when darkness engulfed his vision, and he collapsed on the ground.

Kyle took his hand out of the man’s grasp and looked around; he didn’t see any adults, and his friends had also left. What should I do? Should I go home and call mom? Suddenly, he remembered the first aid lesson he’d learned in school and decided to perform CPR on him.

Kyle’s father, Andrew Wilson, was a doctor by trade, and he’d taught Kyle that in an emergency, it was critical to help the person or they would die. That’s why Kyle didn’t waste much time looking for assistance. He knelt down, placed his little hands on the man’s chest, and began the procedure.

At the point when he was unable to apply his original capacity, he stood up from the floor and squeezed his palms firmly against the man’s chest a few times. It didn’t work, but Kyle didn’t give up. He continued the chest compressions while performing rescue breathing, bringing his mouth closer to the poor man’s. He continued doing that for a minute. After a few tries, the man jolted awake, and at that moment, a man in the park noticed Kyle.

“What happened? Is he okay?” the man asked worriedly as he approached Kyle and the poor man.

Kyle shook his head. “Could you please call an ambulance for him? He’s sick.”

Concerned for the poor man’s health, the man dialed 911, and an ambulance was dispatched to the park.

As he was being carried inside, the poor man motioned Kyle to approach him. “Thank you,” he said quietly to the boy. “You helped a homeless man, and I will never forget it. What’s your name?”

“My name is Kyle Wilson,” the boy replied. “Please get well soon.”

The man smiled at Kyle and closed his eyes. Kyle never saw or met him again after that day.

23 years had passed. Kyle was 32. He had a wife and daughter. But, unlike in the past, when he was lauded for his heroic deed saving a homeless man, he was now only cited as a bad example.

Kyle was a struggling lawyer who hadn’t gotten a single win in any of the cases he’d represented. That had undoubtedly harmed his reputation, and at one point, he had no cases for an entire year!

Kyle’s wife, who was a dentist, was the family’s primary breadwinner, and Kyle’s earnings were almost negligible as he earned nothing for several months of the year.

“One day, you’ll see, I’ll become a famous lawyer,” he’d still say, to which his wife Cassandra would give him a stern look and reply, “Sure, Kyle. I hope it happens before we all die!”

Kyle felt terrible when Cassandra mocked him like that, but he never retorted because he admitted it was his fault.

One morning, he was seated at their dining table for breakfast when the doorbell rang. “Kyle, can you please see who’s there?” Cassandra told him from the kitchen as she was busy beating eggs for omelets.

“Yeah, honey, I’ll go check,” Kyle said, walking over to the door and opening it. However, there was nobody at the door. “Must have been some neighborhood kid who ran away after pressing the doorbell,” he said as he turned to leave. But then his gaze was drawn to an envelope on the doormat. It had an “URGENT” stamp on it.

Kyle picked it up and looked at the address. “Kyle Wilson, 3541 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19019-9100, USA,” it read. The envelope bore no indication of the sender’s identity.

“Kyle, what’s taking you so long?” Cassandra inquired as she approached the front door.

“Someone sent me a letter, honey,” Kyle replied, “but there’s no return address.”

“Must be something related to a case. Now hurry up. Breakfast is getting cold.”

Kyle was curious, so he ripped open the envelope’s flap. There was a letter inside and a business card from a man named James Anderson. As he opened the letter and began to read it, his past flashed before his eyes.

Dear Kyle,

I hope you are doing well. I am not sure if you remember me, but I can never forget you. You were a little boy when you saved my life. Remember the homeless man you gave CPR to? Yes, that was me.

All thanks to you, Kyle; I did not die that day and lived a happy life. But if you received this letter, it means I am no longer alive.

I was a very wealthy businessman, and my partner cheated on me and stole everything from me, leaving me homeless. My wife and children had to endure a lot of hardship. Unfortunately, my wife could not bear the strain and left us soon. After her death, her parents took custody of my children because they blamed me for my wife’s death.

I was lonely and exhausted. I gave up hope and started wandering the streets like a homeless man. I used to believe that no one would notice if I died on the streets. But the day you saved me taught me that people can still be kind.

I still don’t know how to thank you, Kyle. Because you saved my life that day, I was able to get back on my feet. I built my business from scratch and even reclaimed everything from my cheating partner.

Now I have a multimillion-dollar estate, and it now all belongs to you. You are the new heir to my estate! I could have given it to my children, but I know they prefer money to their father.

I hope you won’t turn down my gift. You must have found my lawyer’s contact. Please get in touch with him once you’ve read this letter. His name is James Anderson. He’s a stern man and always busy, so I’ll leave his business card in the envelope. I’m glad I was able to repay your kindness.

Yours sincerely,

Jeff Lewis.

Upon reading the letter, Kyle called Mr. Anderson right away to inquire about Jeff and learned Jeff was no longer alive.

It turned out Jeff had been diagnosed with cancer and had only a few months to live. In his final days, he was determined to find Kyle and repay his favor, so he hired a private detective who took several months but eventually found Kyle.

To date, Kyle has never forgotten how Jeff helped him. The first thing he did with Jeff’s money was to establish Lewis and Partners, a law firm dedicated to Jeff.

Opening the firm proved to be a lucky charm for Kyle. He began to get better cases after that and even hired a team of lawyers under him to assist him with the cases.

Lewis and Partners also currently does business in the states of Texas and California, and Kyle, who’s a famous lawyer now, thanks Jeff for it every time.

What can we learn from this story?

Kindness begets kindness. Kyle once saved Jeff’s life, and Jeff, in turn, saved Kyle’s career and future by providing him with financial assistance.
Never hesitate to help someone in need. The way Kyle helped the homeless man when none of his friends did is an excellent example of how we should never ignore anyone’s requests for assistance.

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