Everyone can agree that the 1970s were a different time in America. So many things have changed since the decade of bell bottoms and disco. You might remember some of these unique things kids would do in the 70s that have become obsolete.

Back in the 70s, kids would play outside all day. The kids wouldn’t come in until they were called for dinner. Kids rode bikes, played hide-and-seek, and basically found ways to amuse themselves with their friends.

If they had dirt or mud on their hands or faces, they wouldn’t clean it with hand sanitizer or antibacterial wipes. Nope, these 70s kids used Mom’s spit in a handkerchief. This was the primary cleaning agent of the 70s, and it would remove anything.

When these 70s kids rode bikes, they did it without helmets, pads, or supervision. There weren’t elbow pads or knee pads either. As a result, the scraped knee and elbow were some of the most prevalent injuries. If you grew up in the 70s, you probably have scars on those areas from repeated scabs!

Adults let kids climb trees and play near the creek. The safety standards weren’t quite what they are today. Parents would let their kids go everywhere in the neighborhood without supervision or cell phones.

70s kids would also spray down the trampoline with water and add soap to it. It created extra laughs when your friends slid off the trampoline onto the ground. Again, no adults supervised this activity, and kids were left to make their own fun.

Even going to camp in the 70s was completely different. Parents didn’t have to sign any medical questions or waivers in case their children got hurt.

Kids didn’t have other school options besides those close to their houses. 70s kids would even get yelled at by the bus driver. The 70s was a different time to grow up in America.

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