Employers are having a tough time finding talent as the new generation of workers is the laziest ever to reach working age. According to managers who have been forced to hire workers from Generation Z, they have needed to fire countless employees since they “lack motivation” and are “easily offended” by other people.

Now a recruitment company called ResumeBuilder has released the results of a study that found that team leaders revealed shocking information about the makeup of their teams and how Generation Z workers are not cutting it.

According to the ResumeBuilder study, which reached 1,300 people, seventy-four percent of the respondents find that Gen Z workers are more difficult to work with than anyone from another generation.

In a conversation with Speaking to Kian & Yaz with Avneesha CADA radio, employers said that Generation Z workers are not “Being able to say good morning” while other workers simply “don’t want to show up” for work at all.

One manager, Alana, who is a millennial, has held down a job since she was fourteen years old. She knows that “young people can work hard” but is totally shocked by the ineptitude of the generation of workers born between 1997 and 2012.

“We just interviewed a person the other day, and she rocked up on her bed in an online interview. Hoodies, trackies (tracksuits), everything. And then when the interviewer asked her, ‘Oh, you know, hey, how are you doing?’ She just goes ‘good.’”

Omar is another employer who

called into the radio show to speak about his work as a GP. He said he has been struggling to hire a Generation Z receptionist to fill a vacant role in his office.

“I’ve experienced the ins and outs of all sorts of reception. And I have to say, by far, the worst is Gen Z. Really. A simple ‘Hello. Good morning’ doesn’t come out of their mouth in the morning. They’re on their phones twenty-four-seven but have no vocal skills. The best receptionists are the old Margarets.”

Meanwhile, one Generation Z worker, Nadia, claims to have been churning through jobs faster than she can apply to them. She has held down “eight jobs in twelve months” because she wants to be able to achieve the perfect balance of work and school.

An employer who works in rapid technology claims that Generation Z workers are “great” in theory because “they understand the changing industry,” but they’re hard to hold onto because their work ethic is so lazy.

Managers have found Gen Z workers to be challenging employees on multiple fronts. Thirty-nine percent lack tech skills, thirty-seven percent lack effort, and thirty-seven percent of Gen Z workers lack basic motivation to do a good job while on the clock.

Akpan Ukeme, the head of HR at SGK Global Shipping Services, said he struggles to work with Gen Z workers.

He said: “In our organization, the Gen Zs I have interacted with can be exhausting because they lack discipline, and they like to challenge you.”

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