A young woman woke up the morning after her wedding but didn’t find her husband in bed. “Where is he?” she wondered, unaware that a shocking sight was awaiting her in the kitchen.

Anna held a coffee mug in her hand while she gazed through the glass walls of the coffee shop. The aroma of fresh coffee beans floated in the air as she waited for the man she met on a dating app.

The young woman had worked hard all her life to be the kind of woman she was today. She was a wealthy girl, an architect at one of the best firms in the US. And she thought it was time for her to marry someone and settle down.

“Hi, is this Anna?” a man’s voice interrupted her thoughts. “I’m Daniel.”

“Oh, hi!” Anna said as she looked at the man she had been waiting for. She felt her heart skip a beat as she shook his chubby, soft hand.

Daniel was a few years older than Anna and owned a successful business. He told Anna the girls he had dated never wanted to marry him. They always left him whenever he discussed his marriage plans.

After meeting Daniel for the first time, Anna was convinced he was the man she had been waiting for. She felt it was strange that he impressed her with so much about himself, but she didn’t think much about it.

The couple quickly began dating and explored the city at night. Anna loved walking on the streets, holding Daniel’s muscular arm and resting her head on it. She was head over heels in love with him because he gave her the attention and love she craved. She felt like he was the perfect match for her.

“I will pick you up at 8 p.m.,” Daniel told Anna on the phone. He took her on a dinner date to an expensive restaurant two months after they began dating.

She thought it was strange that Daniel only invited one woman to their wedding.

Anna loved the romantic ambiance―a bouquet of fresh red roses sat beside a candle on the table. She wore her favorite dress and couldn’t keep her eyes off Daniel’s formal attire.

A few minutes later, Daniel got down on one knee beside their table and pulled out a ring from his coat pocket. “Will you marry me, Anna?” he said as he looked into her eyes.

Anna couldn’t believe the man she liked the most was asking her to marry him. She instantly said yes and kissed him, unaware that her quick decision would change her life forever.

The couple decided to tie the knot a few weeks later in an intimate ceremony at the church. “We will only invite our close friends and family, okay?” Daniel asked his wife-to-be.

“That sounds like the perfect idea!” she exclaimed.

While Anna wanted around 20 people to attend her wedding, Daniel only invited his sister, Mia.

“Why don’t you invite your friends and cousins?” Anna asked. She thought it was strange that Daniel only invited one woman to their wedding.

“You know my entire family lives in Europe, darling,” he said while putting his hands on her shoulders. “Mia has a valid US visa, so she’s the only one who can attend our wedding.”


“Anna, if you feel suspicious about anything, we can sign a prenuptial agreement,” he said. “You know how much I love you.”

Anna agreed to sign a prenuptial agreement because she knew most people did it. She didn’t doubt his intentions.

On the big day, Anna noticed Daniel hugging and whispering too much to Mia. “That’s strange,” she thought, but the next second, she rationalized.

It’s normal for siblings to get so close when they meet after a long time, she told herself, unaware that her suspicions were valid.

Once the wedding ceremony ended, Anna and Daniel decided to take everyone for dinner to celebrate. While everyone sat at the table, waiting for the food, Daniel and Mia excused themselves and left. “I’ll be right back, honey,” Daniel whispered in his wife’s ear.

A few minutes later, one of Anna’s friends approached her. Anna could see that her friend was shocked. Her eyes were wide open, and she struggled to explain what she had heard.

“Daniel and Mia… They were in the bathroom together,” Anna’s friend said hesitantly. “I overheard their conversation, Anna. Mia asked him when all this would get over so they could be alone. And Daniel told her not to worry. He said things would be like before.”

“What?” Anna was shocked. “What does that mean?”

“I think something’s not right, Anna,” her friend said.

“You should keep an eye on them.”

Anna kept thinking about it all night but later concluded that her friend misunderstood Mia’s accent. “Why would Daniel and Mia talk like that? It makes no sense!” she wondered.

The following morning, Anna woke up and realized Daniel wasn’t sleeping beside her. “Where did he go?” she thought while leaving the bed. Then, she opened the door and heard him talking to someone in the kitchen downstairs. It must be his sister! Anna thought.

She was walking down the stairs but stopped midway when she heard her husband’s conversation with Mia.

“I hope you understand that I don’t like this,” Mia said. Anna could sense the anger in her voice.

“Babe, I understand everything,” Daniel replied. “This is for your good. Believe me. Everything’s going to be fine soon.”

Babe? Anna thought. Then, she heard someone kissing inside the kitchen. Shocked, Anna took a few steps closer and saw her husband’s reflection in the mirror. She was horrified to watch him kiss Mia’s lips, making her realize Mia was not his sister.

At that point, Anna wanted to barge inside the kitchen and catch her husband, but she thought that would ruin everything. Instead of going inside, she climbed the stairs and then stomped down so the sound of her feet would alert them.

“Oh, Anna!” Daniel smiled and hugged her. “I was making scrambled eggs for you. Why don’t you take a seat?”

Anna had breakfast with Daniel and Mia, pretending she hadn’t watched them kiss. Then, Daniel said he needed to go to Mia’s hotel to pick up her luggage.

“The hotel isn’t safe for her to stay alone,” he said. “We can allow Mia to stay with us for a few days. What do you think, honey?”

“Sure. I don’t mind,” Anna lied.

Anna agreed because it would allow her to stay home alone and discover what her husband was hiding. Once Daniel and Mia left, Anna quickly entered her bedroom and opened her husband’s laptop. Luckily, she could access it because it wasn’t password protected.

What is he hiding from me? she wondered as she skimmed through the folders.

A few minutes later, Anna stumbled upon identity documents with Daniel’s photos, but they had a different name on them. He even lied to me about his name? she scoffed in disbelief.

Then, she opened his email and found his marriage certificate with Mia. “Oh my God!” she gasped. Before she could explore further, she heard the main door open. She quickly shut the laptop and put it back in the bag.

She went outside her bedroom and pretended she didn’t know about Daniel and Mia’s marriage while a dozen questions popped into her mind. She kept wondering why Daniel and Mia’s endgame was.

Later that evening, Daniel and Mia asked Anna to accompany them for a walk in the park, but she refused. She lied that she wasn’t feeling well.

“I’ll stay in bed, sweetheart,” she smiled and hugged Daniel, wondering what he was thinking.

Once Daniel and Mia left, Anna rushed upstairs and opened Daniel’s drawer that had all his documents. She emptied all his files and discovered everything he had been hiding from her. He had lied about many things, including his name, surname, family, and relationship with Mia.

“What’s all this, Daniel?” she yelled.
Anna cried uncontrollably, sitting on the bedroom floor with her head buried between her palms while Daniel’s documents were scattered all over the floor.

“Why did he do this to me?” she cried as feelings of betrayal pierced her heart.

Then, she picked up her phone and called the police. “I’ll report Daniel to the cops!” she thought, but suddenly heard the main door open. Daniel and Mia had returned from the park early because it had started raining, and they forgot to carry their umbrellas.

Since Anna was fuming with rage, she picked up a few of his documents and prepared to confront Daniel. Once he entered the bedroom and saw his papers in her hands, he shook his head.

“Listen to me, Anna,” he said.

“What’s all this, Daniel?” she yelled. “Oh, wait! I should call you Anthony!”

“Have you been rummaging through my documents?” he asked angrily.

“Don’t blame me! Don’t change the topic!” Anna shouted. “Who are you? Who is she? And what do you want from me?”

Then, Mia entered the bedroom and stood beside Daniel. “I told you this was risky!” she hissed.

At that point, Daniel admitted he had faked his identity. He pretended to be a businessman, looking for a girl who would fall for his trap.

“I forged all my documents to marry a wealthy and successful girl, and you turned out to be the fool who trusted me,” he laughed.

“I wanted to move with my wife to the US, and you made everything so easy for me, Anna!”

Anna gasped in horror while tears trickled down her cheeks. She felt heartbroken, wondering if she deserved the mistreatment.

Daniel told her he had spent all his savings on making her fall for his trap, and now he had nothing left.

“This was my only chance, and I am so glad you married me, Anna!” he smirked. “You’ll have to pay thousands of dollars if you divorce me. I hope you remember our prenuptial agreement, honey.”

Hearing Daniel’s words sent a shiver down Anna’s spine. She felt devastated to learn that Daniel didn’t love her. She couldn’t believe that he had been lying to her all this time while she dreamt of having children with him.

Before Anna could respond, someone knocked on the door, and they could hear police sirens outside.

“Police! Open the door now!” a police officer yelled.

Anna rushed downstairs and was shocked to see a team of police officers standing on the doorstep. They told Anna they had received a call from her number and wanted to check on her. It turned out that Anna never disconnected the phone call, allowing the 911 operator to overhear their conversation.

Anna immediately rushed towards her bedroom, returned with Daniel’s fake passport and explained that he had forged his identity to marry her. The police kept the fake documents as evidence and arrested Daniel.

“Don’t worry, Anna. He’s going to see you in court trials now,” a police officer assured Anna. Then, the officers left the house with Daniel while he kept protesting to let him go.

A few months later, Anna entered the courtroom for the last trial and saw Daniel beside his lawyer. He had an overgrown beard, and his hair covered his forehead.

Anna hadn’t seen his face in months because she didn’t attend the initial court hearings. During the final court session, she learned that the judge had invalidated her marriage with Daniel because he had a fake identity. He was jailed for forgery and fraud, but something else shocked him during the last trial. He gasped when he saw Anna because she had a huge belly. She was pregnant.

A few days after Daniel’s arrest, Anna took a pregnancy test and learned she was pregnant. “I can’t keep his child!” she thought, but a part of her didn’t want to abort the baby.

However, upon consulting the doctors, she learned that her chances of conceiving would significantly drop if she aborted the baby. She took this as a sign and decided to continue the pregnancy, preparing to be a mother.

Soon, Anna welcomed her baby and was delighted to be a mother. She felt like her son made her feel complete and that raising a child came to her naturally.

Besides caring for her baby, Anna dated one of the police officers who came to arrest Daniel. However, this time, Anna wasn’t rushing to get married. She gave her relationship a lot of time before deciding what to do next.

What can we learn from this story?

Lying and deceit always have consequences. Daniel thought Anna would never discover the truth about his life, but he was wrong. He had never imagined going behind bars for deceiving a girl.
It’s better to take your time before making important life decisions. Marriage changes one’s life, so people should always take their time before deciding who to marry. Unlike Anna, they should not rush while choosing a life partner.
Share this story with your friends and family. It might inspire them and brighten their day.

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