A devoted wife sleeps by her ailing husband’s bedside every night and is confused when she wakes up one morning—she finds a posy of roses in her hand and has no idea how it ended up there.

“You’ll be alright, honey…” Jenna whispered, caressing Dominic’s palm. “I’ll bake your favorite pie, and we’ll watch movies together when we get home. Everything is going to be fine.”

Then Jenna arranged her pillow and blanket on the chair in Dominic’s hospital room, and while admiring her husband’s face, she dozed off…

Dominic and Jenna were one of those couples who we consider to be a “match made in heaven.” In their 52 years of married life, they had seen several ups and downs together and had been each other’s rock in the tough times. Who knew a coffee date would lead to 52 years of togetherness and raising a lovely family of two boys, who grew up, married, and moved out?

After their children left, Dominic and Jenna only had each other’s company, and they relished it. Every Valentine’s Day morning, Jenna received flowers in bed, and on their anniversary, Dominic treated her to a lovely dinner at the place where they’d met—the restaurant right across from their college.

Jenna and Dominic danced together as the jazz music filled the diner on their anniversary, followed by a passionate kiss, celebrating another year of togetherness and promising to see many more in the future. But sadly, one year, it all stopped.

Dominic was diagnosed with a cardiac condition that needed surgery. Doctors confined him to bed rest, and Jenna was concerned about how much time they had left together. Dominic was 88, and Jenna was 85. At that age, you begin to fear the worst.

When Dominic was hospitalized, Jenna carried a pillow and blanket in her car because she wasn’t going to leave Dominic at the hospital and come home. She would be there for him all the time.

True love is both inspiring and sweet.

“And you can’t convince me otherwise, doc!” Jenna fought with the staff at the hospital. They wouldn’t let her stay in Dominic’s room because it was against hospital policy.

“He is my husband!” she said stiffly. “Who are you to separate us when we pledged we’d be together in sickness and health! I’m staying with him! Do you get that?”

“Ma’am,” sighed the doctor helplessly. “You don’t understand. We can’t allow that. And it’s not about one night…we can’t let you stay with the patient every night.”

“Doctor Ferguson, I believe we can,” a nurse abruptly interrupted. Jenna noticed her name on the name badge. It said, “Merelyn P.”

“Just a second, ma’am…”

Merelyn took the doctor to the side and spoke with him. He eventually allowed Jenna to stay in Dominic’s room.

“Please proceed, ma’am,” she said, smiling. “I apologize for the inconvenience.”

“Thank you, dear,” Jenna replied, smiling back. “I will never forget your favor. Thank you…”

From then on, Jenna started sleeping in Dominic’s room at the hospital. Every night, she would hold his hands, say a brief prayer, and then kiss him on his forehead before retiring to the chair.

And before sleeping, she’d be admiring her husband’s face and thanking God for giving them the strength to get through the difficult days.

“Please keep him safe, dear Lord,” she whispered one night, holding his hands. “He and my children mean everything to me…”

Thankfully, the Lord heard Jenna’s prayers, and Dominic’s surgery was successful. He would be discharged soon. Little did Jenna know the surprise that awaited her…

On the day of Dominic’s discharge from the hospital, Jenna woke up earlier than her usual time and felt there was something in her hands.

“Oh dear, honey, did I hold your hand all night?” she whispered, half-asleep, thinking it was Dominic’s hand. Then it dawned on her it wasn’t.

“What is this? It smells like roses…Is this a rose?” she wondered as she looked for her glasses.

Having put them on, Jenna was surprised. She actually had a posy of roses in her hand. “Oh, how did I get this?”

Jenna turned it several times in her hands, but she didn’t find anything attached to the flowers that could tell her who had gotten it for her. She put the flowers on the table beside Dominic’s bed and noticed a letter there.

“For Mrs. Lancaster,” it read on the top. Surprised, Jenna opened the letter to read it.

“Dear Mrs. Lancaster,

I hope you loved the flowers. It’s a modest token of appreciation for the wonderful wife you are to your darling husband. Mr. Lancaster is extremely fortunate to have you as his wife. Nobody will argue otherwise 🙂

(The truth is, he wanted to get you something to thank you for staying with him at the hospital. He asked me for help, and after looking at you, I thought a lovely lady like you deserved beautiful flowers.)

Honestly, you two remind me of my late grandparents. My grandma was just like you. She’d fight with anyone and everyone for my granddad’s sake. When I saw you arguing with the doctor that day, I was reminded of my own grandma. I’ll miss you and Mr. Lancaster.

I wish Mr. Lancaster good health and many happy years of togetherness to you two.

With love,

— Merelyn.”

“Oh, dear…” Jenna smiled through tears. “You’re a lovely girl, Merelyn. Thank you, darling.”

Jenna kissed her husband, who was sleeping, and whispered a thank you to him too. And before leaving the hospital, she met Merelyn and gave her a warm hug. “God bless you, darling,” she said. “I loved the flowers. Thank you so much for the thoughtful gift.”

What can we learn from this story?

In modern days, couples like Jenna and Dominic are rare, but they exist. Jenna and Dominic are a couple who sincerely love each other and are there for each other through thick and thin.

True love is both inspiring and sweet. Merelyn was inspired by Jenna’s care for Dominic, and it brought back memories of her grandparents to her.

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