A woman at her daughter’s Christmas market makes fun of another student’s mother who works nights, only to find out who the other woman really is.

“Well children,” said Miss Davis. “I want you all to talk to your moms about bringing something for the school Christmas market!” The whole class immediately started talking all at once and raising their hands in the air.

“Yes, Jenna,” Miss Davis said to a cute midget-faced girl in the front row. “What would you like to bring?”

“Muffins, Miss Davis,” Jenna called eagerly. “My mom makes the BEST muffins in the world!”

Immediately, another little girl let out a squeak of protest. “But I was going to say muffins! That’s not fair!”

Miss Davis frowned. “Patty, Jenna spoke first, so…”

“But her mom NEVER comes to the school events or anything!” Patty said. “I bet she won’t be coming to the Christmas market and we won’t have muffins, and those are my favourite.”

Jenna blushed and her eyes filled with tears. “My mother works nights, so she can’t come to many events,” she said. “But she promised she’d come to the Christmas market and bring muffins!”

“That’s settled then, Patty,” said Miss Davis firmly. “Jenna’s mom is bringing the muffins.” But if Miss Davis really thought that was the end of it, she was in for a big surprise.

Children inherit their attitudes from us, so we should strive to set good examples for them.

That evening she received a call from Patty’s mother and she was not pleased. “I do a lot for the school, Miss Davis!” yelled Patty’s mother. “I donated the money for the new library, I deserve some respect…”

She had much more to say, and poor Miss Davis listened to her rants for another agonizing hour, finally saying that Patty’s mother could bring muffins because she wanted her. Both mothers were allowed to bring muffins.

The day of the Christmas market was very exciting for the children. There was a play and Santa Claus Village with elves and reindeer (actually they were ponies with fake antlers, but nobody cared).

Best of all, though, were the many stalls where moms set out plate after plate of delicious treats, from giant gingerbread men to giant sticky toffee chunks and chocolatey brownies.

Patty’s mom arrived with a huge box full of muffins and began distributing them on plates at her stand. Another mother, who knew her well, soon joined them. “Honey,” she called to Patty’s mother. “These look delicious!”

“You should be,” Patty’s mom said with a grin. “They cost me a fortune!”

The other mother winked. “I thought you made them yourself!”

“Oh please,” said Patty’s mother. “Who does that, really? By the way, where is that woman? The one who also brings muffins?”

The other mother frowned. “I think she’s late! She should line up here, next to you,” she said. “I can’t imagine what she’ll bring with her.”

Patty’s mother grinned. “I heard she works nights! She must be a stripper or a go-go dancer or something!”

A sweet voice interrupted her. “Actually, I’m a pastry chef, not a stripper.” Patty’s mom and her friend turned to see a beautiful woman holding a huge box of the most amazing cupcakes they had ever seen.

Patty’s mother blushed scarlet. “Oh!” she gasped. “You must be Jenna’s mom…I’m so sorry…I didn’t mean to…”

At that moment, Jenna and Patty came over. “Look,” Jenna said proudly. “Here’s my mom, and she brought her muffins – she makes them herself, you know!”

“Wow!” exclaimed Patty. “My mother buys hers, but nobody must know that!”

At this point, Patty’s mother was so embarrassed that she didn’t know what to do with herself. She was further humbled when Jenna happily said, “Well, my mom entered a Food Network contest and she won! Best cupcakes in the WORLD!”

Patty’s mom had to show a little humility and apologize to Jenna’s mom. Of course, none of this mattered to the children. They all ate cupcakes and had a great time.

What can we learn from this story?

Children inherit their attitudes from us, so we should strive to set good examples for them . Patty’s mother set a very bad example for her daughter – she used her money to push people around and insulted Jenna’s mother.
Don’t judge people before you know them . Patty’s mother thought Jenna’s mother was “scum” because she worked nights, but in reality she was a famous and very successful pastry chef.

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