“Rubber boots?” a girl mocked a milkman’s son when she saw him at her grandmother’s ranch. “Who wears such ugly shoes these days?” She bullied the poor boy for his appearance, unaware she would have to milk the cows and clean them with her hands a day later.

Jessica always saw her dreams turn into reality because of her wealthy parents. From buying her expensive dolls when she was a kid to gifting her a luxurious sports car on her 18th birthday, Jessica’s parents spoiled her with their wealth.

Since her parents provided her with the best of everything, she never valued money or sympathized with people who weren’t as fortunate as her. She lived in a bubble and was unaware of the world where people from low-income families struggled hard to make ends meet.

Jessica had never seen her parents face financial problems because they owned a real estate company that gave them substantial monthly profits. Their company was the most popular in town, and people were impressed by their wealth.

During Jessica’s summer vacation, her parents told her they had planned to renovate the house. “We will move to your grandmother’s ranch while the workers renovate the house,” Jessica’s father told her.

“But that’s too far away from the city, Dad,” Jessica protested. “What am I going to do there?”

“C’mon, honey,” her mother replied. “Sometimes, spending a few days out of the city is good. The air here is polluted with industrial fumes and the traffic… it’s so noisy here! Living on the ranch would be a refreshing experience.”

“What’s this disgusting smell?” she complained while getting out of the car.
Jessica didn’t want to move to her grandmother’s ranch, but she agreed after her parents insisted. “Alright,” she rolled her eyes. “When are we leaving?”

“Tomorrow morning,” her mother replied. “Be ready by 9, okay?”

“Okay, mom,” Jessica took a deep breath and headed towards her room.

The following day, Jessica and her parents drove to her grandmother’s ranch on the outskirts of town. While Jessica’s parents were excited to spend a few days surrounded by lush green trees and fresh air, Jessica wasn’t looking forward to it.

“What’s this disgusting smell?” she complained while getting out of the car.

“That’s the smell of fresh cow dung, honey,” her mother closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “You can never enjoy these fresh smells back in the city.”

“What’s there to enjoy about this, Mom?” Jessica rolled her eyes and covered her nose with her hand. “Yuck! I hate it.”

Jessica’s grandmother greeted everyone and asked them to sit inside her house. “I’m glad you guys came here and brought Jessica too!” she exclaimed.

“She wasn’t ready to come here, Mandy,” Jessica’s mother replied.

“Oh, really?” Mandy asked curiously. “Don’t you want to spend time with your grandmother, Jessica? You were just a kid when I saw you last time.”

“No, Grandma,” Jessica replied. “It’s nothing like that.”

A few hours later, the family had dinner together before it was time to go to bed. Jessica used to chat with her friends every night, but she had no idea that she won’t be able to do the same here.

“Grandma?” she said after entering Mandy’s room.

“Yes, honey,” Mandy replied.

Jessica sat on her grandmother’s bed and unlocked her phone. “What’s the Wi-Fi password?”

“The Wi-Fi password?” Mandy frowned. “Honey, don’t you know we don’t have any telephone network here? Plus, no internet service provider is ready to come miles away from the main city to install their internet cables here. We don’t have Wi-Fi, sweetheart.”

“What?” Jessica looked at her grandmother with eyes wide open. Living without the internet was nothing short of a nightmare for the young girl.

“You don’t have Wi-Fi? What am I going to do now?”

“I’m sure you can spend a few days without an internet connection,” Mandy chuckled. “I mean, you have got so many things to do here.”

Jessica was disappointed after learning her grandmother’s house had no Wi-Fi. She waited the next day to tell her parents she didn’t want to live at the ranch.

“Who wears rubber boots these days?” Jessica looked at him and laughed.
“Dad, can you drop me at the nearest hotel?” Jessica asked her father the following morning at the breakfast table. “I want to talk to my friends, but Grandma says there’s no Wi-Fi here. I won’t mind if you and Mom live here. I can manage alone at the hotel.”

“A hotel?” Jessica’s father laughed. “Honey, there’s no hotel here. The nearest one is about 200 miles away.”

“C’mon Jessica,” her mother patted her back. “It’s not like you can’t live without talking to your friends.”

“You won’t get it, Mom,” Jessica stood up and stomped out of the dining room.

“Finish your breakfast, honey,” Mandy tried to stop Jessica, but the young girl didn’t want to sit with her family. She didn’t like the food her grandmother offered her, nor did she enjoy living away from the hustle and bustle of the city. She desperately wanted to return to her house but had no option except to stay at the ranch.

Soon, Jessica realized there was no way out. One day, she decided to explore the ranch and told her parents she was going to the nearby farm.

“Be careful, honey,” her mother said.

“I’m not a kid anymore!” Jessica said before leaving the house.

Mandy’s next-door neighbor was a milkman. He lived with his wife and a teenage son and had many cows on his farm. Jessica felt intrigued when she saw the barn, so she decided to go inside to see the cows.

When she stepped inside, she saw a young boy, Elvis, standing near the cows. He was wearing an old pair of jeans, a dirty t-shirt, and rubber boots, and Jessica thought he looked funny.

“Who wears rubber boots these days?” Jessica looked at him and laughed.

“Haven’t you heard of sneakers? Oh, I’m sorry, I don’t think you get them here.”

Elvis felt his cheeks turn hot after receiving demeaning remarks from an unknown girl. He had no idea who Jessica was and why she was visiting his father’s farm.

“Why are you feeding cows and cleaning their waste when you can go to a mall and hang out with girls?” Jessica laughed at the boy.

“I know I can do that, but I come here every day because of my mother,” the boy replied confidently. “I work so she can rest at home, and we can spend some time together.”

Jessica continued to make fun of the milkman’s son, unaware that her grandmother was standing outside the barn. She came there to call Jessica for lunch but stayed outside when she saw her granddaughter make fun of the poor boy. She needs to learn some manners, Mandy thought.

Later that evening, Mandy devised a plan to teach Jessica a lesson. “I will make sure this girl learns some manners before she leaves,” Mandy said.

The following morning, Mandy woke Jessica up at 5 a.m. “Wake up, honey!” she cheered. “I have a surprise for you!”

“What surprise?” Jessica rubbed her eyes. “I don’t want to wake up so early. Please let me sleep!”

“You have to wake up early when you’re living on a farm, honey,” Mandy chuckled. “You have a lot of work to do today.”

Jessica squinted her eyes while looking at her grandmother. “Work? What do you mean?” she asked while struggling to get up.

She was working when she heard someone enter the barn.

“You wanted to send Elvis to the mall, right?” Mandy asked her granddaughter. “Your wish has been fulfilled. He will go to the mall with your grandfather today, and you will work at his farm.”

“WHAT?” Jessica was shocked. “I don’t know how to work on a farm, Grandma. And why should I?”

“Don’t worry,” Mandy said. “I will teach you everything from scratch.”

After Jessica had breakfast, Mandy took her to the barn and taught her how to milk the cows. She also asked her granddaughter to wash all the cows and feed them.

“I want you to do everything with your hands, Jessica,” the elderly woman said. “Don’t ask anyone for help.”

After Mandy left, Jessica started milking the cows. Why is she making me do all this? What have I done? It stinks so badly here!

The young girl followed her grandmother’s commands and finished milking the cows an hour later. Then, she began washing them, but it wasn’t as easy as it looked.

The sun went down, but Jessica still hadn’t finished her work. She was working when she heard someone enter the barn.

“What are you doing here?” Elvis asked while walking towards Jessica.

“My grandmother asked me to fill in for you because you went to the mall,” Jessica replied.

“I’m so exhausted!”

“Let me help you,” Elvis said. He picked up his pitchfork from the corner of the barn and taught Jessica how to use it.

“See this?” he asked her while scooping hay from a huge pile. “I use this pitchfork to put the hay in these feeding tubs. I don’t have to use my hands to pick it up. It saves me a lot of time and energy.”

“Thanks for helping me, Elvis,” Jessica looked at him and smiled. “I’m so sorry for mocking you last evening. I think my grandmother overheard our conversation, and she wanted to teach me a lesson.”

“It’s okay,” Elvis smiled.

Once Jessica finished working at the farm, she rushed home and asked her grandmother for dinner. “I’m famished, Grandma!” she sat on the dining table. “I need to eat.”

Jessica didn’t like having the food her grandmother made, but she couldn’t stop herself from digging right into it. She was so hungry that the food’s taste didn’t matter to her.

“Wow, you finished your meal so quickly, Jessica,” Mandy was surprised because her granddaughter always left food on the plate. “It looks like you were really hungry today.”

“Yes, Grandma,” Jessica stretched her arms in the air and took a deep breath. “I’m so tired.”

“So now you know what it feels like to work on a farm?” Mandy asked. “It’s not easy, is it?”

Jessica knew they wouldn’t return before sunset, so she decided to surprise them.
“Easy?” Jessica shook her head and raised her eyebrows. “It’s super hard. I wonder how Elvis works on the farm for hours.”

“He’s a hardworking lad,” Mandy smiled. “Come with me. I’ll show you something.”

Jessica followed her grandmother into her bedroom and sat on the bed. Meanwhile, Mandy opened her closet and took out a photo album. Then, she sat beside Jessica and showed her the photos.

“That’s me,” the elderly lady pointed at a childhood photo of herself at a farm. “I used to work as a milkmaid on my father’s farm. He had so many cows back then.”

“Wow, Grandma,” Jessica said. “That sounds exciting.”

Then, Mandy turned a few pages and showed her a picture from three decades ago. “That’s your father standing with me inside a barn. Isn’t he so cute?” she asked.

“Yes, Dad looks super cute! I love the shirt he’s wearing,” Jessica chuckled. “Did he work at the farm with you?”

“Yes, honey,” Mandy replied. “He used to help me until he went to the city and started a new life. He always said he would earn enough money, so I didn’t have to work on the farm. And look, he fulfilled his promise.”

“Really? He made a promise before leaving?” Jessica asked curiously. “I had no idea about that.”

The next day, Jessica’s parents left for the city to oversee the renovation of their house. Jessica knew they wouldn’t return before sunset, so she decided to surprise them.

She milked the cows at Elvis’s barn and then made pancakes at her grandmother’s house. “Mom and Dad are going to love these pancakes!” she said.

Before her parents returned, Jessica set the dining table and placed a jug of fresh milk on it. She decorated her pancakes with icing sugar and put them on the table.

Once her parents returned, she invited them to the dining room. “I milked the cows and made these pancakes for you both,” she smiled.

“They look so tempting!” Jessica’s mother replied and took a bite. “They’re delicious!”

“But I can’t believe that you milked the cows yourself,” Jessica’s father said. “Is that true, Mom?”

“Yes,” Mandy patted Jessica’s back.

“Your daughter is a very responsible girl.”

After learning about her father’s struggles, Jessica felt ashamed and apologized to her parents for always throwing tantrums and misbehaving.

“I will help you with the house chores from now on, Mom,” she said. “I want us to spend time together as a family every night.”

Jessica’s parents hugged her and felt happy that their daughter had finally realized her mistakes. They promised her they would play board games daily after dinner and watch a movie together on weekends.

Once the renovation work was completed at Jessica’s house, she returned to the city with her parents and invited Elvis to her house a few weeks later. She took him to the mall and even gifted him a pair of new sneakers. Soon, they became best friends and often visited each other’s houses.

What can we learn from this story?

Never make fun of others. Jessica mocked Elvis when she met him at the barn for the first time but later regretted making fun of him when she learned how hard he worked every day.
You can never get away after hurting someone. Jessica thought she would get away after making fun of the milkman’s son, but she had no idea that her grandmother would devise a plan to teach her a lesson.

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