A mom chose to take her baby to the office one day, juggling work and caring for her child. Without realizing it, her boss was watching her multi-task, and her reaction was unexpected.

Society imposes so many expectations on new moms, and it can be quite overwhelming. Moms are tasked to care for their newborns, manage their households, and ensure they are in good mental health after giving birth.

A couple of months after giving birth, moms are also expected to head back to work, passing on the childcare work to another person, like a caregiver or a relative. However, not everyone has the privilege to do that.

She Brought Her Baby to Work
Mothers around the world have been lobbying for more inclusive workplaces, particularly those that allow moms to bring their babies to the office. While many might think this is counterproductive, one mom has proven that it is possible.

After receiving a three-month paid maternity leave, Melody reported back to work in order to earn a living, and her employers have tried to make the transition as easy as possible.

Five months after giving birth to her daughter, Nora-Jo, Melody needed to go to the office to do some work. She took her baby with her instead of leaving her at home.

While in a traditional workplace setting, this would immediately be frowned upon, the clinic had a different perspective.

Melody brought some toys and a baby bouncer to keep her daughter entertained, but her low-maintenance baby wanted nothing more than to snuggle up next to her mom while she slept. So, Melody did her work with one hand as she carried her baby with the other.

Little did Melody know her employer was standing nearby, watching her juggle her work and caring for her child. She decided to snap a picture, which was then posted on the clinic’s Facebook page.

Her Workplace is Supportive of Her Motherhood
While in a traditional workplace setting, this would immediately be frowned upon, the clinic had a different perspective. They commended their employee for making multi-tasking look easy.

They also clarified that this was not Melody’s everyday set-up and that she usually worked from home for most of the week. However, since they needed an extra pair of hands that day, she gladly reported to the office.

The clinic went on to ask people to share the photo of their employee so that more businesses would see the feasibility of moms working with their babies nearby.

People on the Internet were Divided
People on the internet commended the clinic for being a great place to work. They wrote their thoughts about moms bringing their kids to work, saying:

“I wish I could do this where I work. I’d be able to focus on my job & still bond with my daughter. Great job.” – Echo Maske Klesczka (January 24, 2019)

“Well done. This really highlights that maternity leave is just too short in the U.S. Newborns need their mamas so much in those first few months.” – Aoife Gregg-Anderson (January 28, 2019)

“I couldn’t be more thankful to bring my girl to work every day! I was given my own office to turn into a playroom! They’re only little once, and I cherish every moment!” – Macayla Smith (December 16, 2018)

The photo also stirred a debate among people who believed mothers deserved longer paid maternity leaves. Others also voiced out that while the office was being generous, the woman could have easily worked from home with her child with technology being widely available everywhere.

Through it all, people were quick to remind everyone that babies are only young once, and the newborn days are short. They encouraged mothers to cherish their time with their babies, as they could never get these days back once they’re over.

While bringing a child to work isn’t a common practice, it is becoming more accepted. In a similar story, a Waffle House employee carried a baby while she was working, ultimately sparking a debate among people.

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